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Challenging Machine Vision Misconceptions

The floppy disk was once the cutting edge of storage, its design slowly decreasing in size as technology progressed. Over nearly 40 years of popularity the common expectation was that the next step in storage would, again, be an even smaller floppy disk. But technological advances were to reshape the future of storage with an…

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Giving the QA manager complete independence

Giving the QA manager complete independence By definition, autonomous machine vision requires little cost, effort and time to install and run. More importantly, by sheer simplicity and immediacy, it requires no systems integrator. Using disruptive plug-and-inspect technology, an Inspekto autonomous machine vision system is potent enough to give the quality assurance (QA) manager complete independence…

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Machine Vision: Cutting the Cost

To save money implementing a machine vision system for quality assurance (QA), it can be simple. Here Zohar Kantor, VP Sales & Project Management of Autonomous Machine Vision Inspekto, compares the costs of traditional and Autonomous Machine Vision. Machine vision has always been a necessary evil. While manufacturers require visual QA to detect defective products, it is…

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Millions to back Autonomous Machine Vision


Millions to back Autonomous Machine Vision More than US $10 million invested into Inspekto Leading multinational industrial companies from Germany and Switzerland have invested more than US $10 million into Inspekto. The company is the founder and developer of the Autonomous Machine Vision category ─ a visual system that allows manufacturers to set-up, install and detect defects in…

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Installation without the help of experts

Installation without the help of experts Inspekto will show how quick, easy and affordable the future of visual quality assurance (QA) will be with Autonomous Machine Vision. The plug&inspect technology means that employees in the manufacturing facility can take the system out of the box and install it in minutes, on their own, without any…

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