QA Managers speak about processes before and after INSPEKTO

Customers speak about the INSPEKTO experience

Customers speak about the INSPEKTO experience

Customer testimonials

“At BSH, we use the INSPEKTO S70 for variant validation, defect detection and assembly check. The installation was very simple and straightforward, and we saw benefits in terms of reduced waste costs and independence from machine vision integrators. We found the team at Inspekto friendly, helpful and agile.”

Markus Maier, Specialist Robotics and Computer Vision Technologies at BSH

“We’re looking forward to introducing the Autonomous Machine Vision system to our clients who deal specifically with quality assurance inspections. We feel strongly that Inspekto’s systems will save our customers time and money and help ensure top notch inspections—a key element to a successful production line.”

Mark Howe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Knotts Company

“It was very important that the S70 was not only easy to install, but easy to use once up and running. To test this, we tasked different members of the production team with setting up the system.  Each found the process fool-proof.

“The clear and simple step by step guidance enabled each person, regardless of job role or seniority, to get the system up and running – from box to ops - in less than 30 minutes. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before! The speed and simplicity also meant we could do the installation during the lunch break without needing any downtime —another added bonus.”  

Christopher Opetnik, Head of Production at MAHLE Filter Systems

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