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Inspekto launches the second generation of Autonomous Machine Vision systems

May 4, 2021

~ Reflection-free images and Autonomous Machine Vision AI take vision inspection to new heights ~

Inspekto, the global company that pioneered Autonomous Machine Vision, has launched the INSPEKTO S70 Gen.2, a new and improved version of its famous Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) system for industrial quality inspection. Powered by Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI), the S70 Gen.2 supports an even higher number of use cases and allows for reliable quality inspection in challenging applications such as highly reflective materials, moving parts and vibrating platforms.

While allowing for high-quality inspection in wider number of scenarios, the INSPEKTO S70 Gen.2 maintains its speed and ease of installation. Unlike traditional machine vision solutions, the S70 Gen.2 is an off-th- shelf edge device that users can install in as little as 45 minutes, without any expertise in machine vision or AI. The simple setup procedure only requires an average of 20 to 30 OK (good) sample items and no NOK (defective) ones, meaning that no training, data labelling or annotation is required to create the immediate proof of concept (POC).

While retaining its user-friendliness, the latest version of Inspekto’s flagship edge device offers new and improved characteristics. The first is the possibility to deploy the system in an even higher number of use cases. As opposed to traditional machine vision solutions, built as a project from multiple components and set to inspect only a specific use case, AMV systems are universal, they include both the required hardware and software, and can inspect a wide variety of parts and use cases. This revolutionary feature has been further extended by the possibility to reliably inspect highly reflective parts, such as metals and plastics.

The built in 5000K LEDs of the S70 Gen.2, controlled by pulse-width modularisation and arranged in several distinct regions, allow the system to autonomously control the direction of the illumination and take several images with varying light direction and intensities. These are then fused to create a single reflection-less HDR image.

Another unique benefit of this patent-pending technology is that it was designed so that the human eye can see no flickering or light variation. This means that if workers are standing nearby, they won’t be disturbed by sudden light changes. If needed, the system automatically adjusts parameters such as exposure, iris, illumination regime, or the sequence of images used to create the final and optimised image, with no human intervention.

The S70 Gen.2 also offers an improved vibration detection and resolution mechanism, as well as the possibility to inspect moving objects running at up to 0.75m/sec. Another benefit is that the inspection cycle time has been shortened to less than 0.5 seconds in most cases, meaning that the system can inspect up to three parts per second.

The second generation of AMV systems is based on continuous research and advancement in Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI). This is a unique method of neural networks formulation and architecture, specifically developed to mimic the human cognitive vision process end-to-end.  

AMV-AI is powered by three independent and synergetic AI-based engines. The first is the acquisition AI engine, in charge of dynamically adapting the operating parameters of the electro-optical imaging system in real-time to support multiple different vision tasks. The second is the detection and alignment AI engine, in charge of the identification, classification and 3D alignment of any object within the acquired image, after a single input sample. This engine allows the system to recognise the parts it sees in a live video stream and identify the best moment to acquire an image and complete the last task – inspection, which is performed by the third AI engine.

“Inspekto has always supported the idea of democratising quality assurance,” said Yonatan Hyatt, CTO of Inspekto. “What excites us is that the S70 Gen.2 allows also small manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of automated quality inspection, without losing their agility and flexibility. Until not long ago, such technologies were reserved for large corporations.”

“With the S70 Gen.2, manufacturers of all sizes, in many industries, can reap the benefits of machine vision that feels like magic, but is actually based on the most state-of-the-art AI and computer vision technologies,” said Ofer Nir, CEO of Inspekto. “This new generation of S70 systems further expands the capabilities of our proven solution, enabling agile, reliable and cost-effective quality assurance in applications where it was previously impossible. It truly is a new age for machine vision.”

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Inspekto offers virtual demos of the company’s flagship product

February 26, 2021

 ~ Multi-angle view equipment provides for a life-like experience and risk-free implementation ~

To deliver live demonstration when travel and visits are restricted, Inspekto is offering private and personalised online presentations of its flagship product, the INSPEKTO S70, thanks to its new virtual demonstration capabilities. The company invested in state-of-the-art presentation technology to showcase the features of the INSPEKTO S70 from a variety of perspectives. Manufacturers can send their own parts for demos, with a guarantee of confidentiality. The Inspekto team will be able to simulate their production conditions while respecting social distance requirements.

Interested manufacturers can send their product samples directly to Inspekto’s demo centre in Heilbronn, Germany. Information about the samples and the manufacturer’s quality assurance processes will be treated confidentially. The Inspekto team will create a dedicated and customised proof of concept, showing prospective clients how the INSPEKTO S70 can solve their quality inspection challenges.

The company’s demo room uses the latest presentation technology to allow for a truly engaging experience. A combination of cameras, augmented reality (AR) goggles and software tools allows participants to feel as if they were physically present in the room. Through a screen split-up, viewers will be able to see parts being inspected from a wide-angle camera, as well as see the screen of the inspection interface and a close-up of the presenter’s field of view.

Since demos are broadcasted live, viewers can interact with the presenter, ask questions, learn how to quickly and easily set up the INSPEKTO S70, and see it in action while inspecting their own product samples.

Virtual demos are private and customised to the requirements of the single manufacturer, but offer companies the possibility to have several team members learn about Autonomous Machine Vision, regardless of where they are based.

The demo room is located in the new headquarters of Inspekto GmbH, in the state-of-the-art WTZ conference centre in Heilbronn, Germany, where the company manages all customer relations, sales and services.

Powered by the Adaptive Vision Artificial Intelligence (AV-AI) technology, the INSPEKTO S70 is the only Autonomous Machine Vision solution on the market. It allows for a truly plug and inspect experience, with easy fit into dynamic and versatile production environments for a wide range of use cases, while maintaining superb visual inspection quality. It is the only self-contained vision inspection product on the market and represents the most immediate and versatile solution for industrial quality inspection currently available. It can be set up and deployed by the final user in about 45 minutes and can be trained to inspect new products using an average of only 20-30 OK sample items, and no NOK ones.

To take part in an online demonstration or submit product samples, get in touch with Inspekto today.

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Inspekto provides quick solution for new QA need

December 18, 2020

~ The leader of Autonomous Machine Vision is using its signature product to inspect FFP2 face masks ~

A manufacturer based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, recently installed the only Autonomous Machine Vision system on the market, the INSPEKTO S70, for the quality inspection of FFP2 face masks. The results are positive — the system ensures that masks are made to specifications and that the manufacturing line is not damaged in the process.

To help in the fight against COVID-19, Inspekto, the German-Israeli pioneer of Autonomous Machine Vision, has made its signature product available to Univent Medical GmbH, a face mask manufacturer based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, who recently established a new production line to respond to the pressing market demand for emergency supplies.

The INSPEKTO S70 is the first self-contained, out-of-the-box vision inspection system for industrial quality assurance. Unlike traditional machine vision solutions, which are custom-built and require a complex, long and time-consuming integration process, the INSPEKTO S70 is a fully configured device which comes ready to use, only requiring final integration on the production line.

This makes the product ideal for manufacturers who need reliable quality assurance fast, eliminating the need to wait for the lead times of traditional machine vision projects, which require several weeks or even months to be developed and integrated.

The INSPEKTO S70 has recently been installed for the quality inspection of FFP2 face masks. In particular, the system is expected to detect defects in the masks’ ultrasonic soldering, metal nose holder, company and CE-logo, and straps soldering. Inspection of the metal nose holder is of critical importance, as defective metal strips could permanently damage the cutting machine on the production line.

The last few weeks showed that the results of the installation are very positive, as the system was able to perform accurate and reliable quality assurance, flagging up masks that presented defects in the designated areas, as well as metal strips that could damage equipment.

“Manual inspection carries a very high error rate, and we can’t allow that to happen when producing critical emergency supplies, such as face masks,” stated Jürgen Eichinger, operations manager at Univent Medical GmbH. “Quality is at the core of all our operations, which is why we needed a flexible machine vision solution that would be quick to set up and easy to operate. We found the ideal partner in Inspekto.”

“We are very proud to be part of the effort to meet the huge demand for high quality masks in these turbulent times. One of Inspekto’s goals is to allow all manufacturers, small or large, to deploy top notch automated quality assurance,” declared Ofer Nir, CEO of the company. “We realised early on that manufacturers need a flexible and cost-effective option to inspect their products, and that this need would become critical at some point. Now the moment has come and we are ready to help.”

Vanessa Pfau, Manager for Germany at Inspekto, remarked that the flexibility of Inspekto’s systems will be essential to support manufacturers in the post-pandemic scene.

“The INSPEKTO S70 is not product-specific. It autonomously learns the characteristics of any new product in about an hour, from just 20 good samples, then flags up any abnormalities during inspection. This means that it can be used to inspect a huge variety of different items,” she explained.

“The face mask production line didn’t even exist until a couple of months ago,” she continued. “It has been developed through funds from the German Government to help manufacturers adapt their production lines to produce emergency supplies. The INSPEKTO S70 quickly learned the characteristics of FFP2 masks, but if the plant managers decide to switch production again in the future, they can use the exact same system to inspect a completely different product.”

The INSPEKTO S70 could soon reach the plants of other medical equipment manufacturer to support them during the pandemic and beyond. To learn more about Autonomous Machine Vision,

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Red Herring Europe 100 winner

Inspekto wins prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

May 20, 2020

~ Founder of the Autonomous Machine Vision category acknowledged as a game-changing company ~

On April 29, 2020, the Red Herring judging panel announced the winners of its highly competitive Top 100 Europe Award. Inspekto, the German-Israeli company founder of the Autonomous Machine Vision category, was one of the companies to receive the prestigious recognition, which celebrates the achievements of visionary enterprises and their potential to revolutionise their respective industries. The judges were impressed with Inspekto’s revolutionary approach to industrial machine vision inspection, rapid growth, and renowned customers.

The Red Herring Top 100 Award recognises the potential of top private companies to revolutionise their respective sectors. The competition is fierce—in 2020, approximately 1,200 companies entered the award in the European region. In the past, Red Herring’s editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Skype, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube would change the way we live and work.

Inspekto was selected thanks to the impact that its product, the INSPEKTO S70, is having on machine vision for quality inspection. The INSPEKTO S70 is the world’s first standalone and generic product for quality assurance (QA). It can be installed autonomously by end-customers in about 30 minutes, without relying on a systems integrator or a machine vision expert. That is because the product is self-learning, self-setting and self-adjusting—in other words, fully autonomous.

In bringing the INSPEKTO S70 to manufacturing plants in every sector and geography, Inspekto has reinvented industrial vision inspection and developed exactly what the market needs. For the first time, QA managers are given control of their vision inspection solution—thus having full control of their production line.

While being highly affordable and immediate to install, each INSPEKTO S70 deployed carries a dramatic impact on productivity and profitability.

“The INSPEKTO S70 is not just the next step in the natural evolution of vision inspection technology—it marks the beginning of a completely new era for this sector,” explained Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto. “Unlike traditional vision inspection projects, the INSPEKTO S70 is a standalone product. This puts the end user at the forefront by enabling independent and immediate installation.”

“The INSPEKTO S70 employees three unique AI engines working in tandem within one generic product. It is ready to go in minutes, straight out of the box. Autonomous Machine Vision is currently an uncontested market space, since no other companies can offer products even remotely similar in terms of autonomy and immediacy of installation,” added Yonatan Hyatt, CTO and co-founder of Inspekto.

“In 2020, selecting the top achievers was by no means a small feat,” added Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “But after much thought,  we narrowed our list down from hundreds of candidates from across Europe to the Top 100 Winners. We believe Inspekto embodies the vision, drive and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture. Inspekto should be proud of its accomplishment, as the competition was very strong.”

With its disruptive technology, Inspekto is determined to dominate the multi-billion-dollar vision inspection market, converting every single plant across industries and geographies to Autonomous Machine Vision.

Industrial machine vision Red Herring top 100 Europe winner
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Inspekto S70 | Usage

Vision market unblocked for automation vendors

April 29, 2020

~ The world’s first vision inspection product now available to industrial automation vendors ~

Industrial automation vendors have historically been blocked from accessing the visual inspection market because of its complex solution requirements, but German-Israeli start up Inspekto has changed this state of affairs. Inspekto’s Plug and Inspect technology drives its off-the-shelf vision product, the Inspekto S70, and brings vision inspection back where it belongs: with the industrial automation family..

Inspekto launched the first entry in the Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) category, the INSPEKTO S70, at VISION 2018. Now, the product opens up the multi-billion dollar inspection market to industrial automation vendors, previously unable to access the market because of the long integration times that were required to put a vision inspection project in place, choose lighting, lenses, filters, software and cameras, as well as deliver design, fixing, installation and planning.

In contrast, the S70 is self-learning, self-setting and self-adjusting, meaning it can be easily installed by the plant’s own personnel in 30 to 45 minutes, directly on the shop floor.

“AI-powered devices, that are easily implementable, customisable and  autonomous will dominate the industrial automation market in the 2020s,” said Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto, a view reinforced by multiple experts. “These powerful qualities can be found in the INSPEKTO S70, the only stand-alone product for visual QA on the market. Finally, vision inspection can join the industrial automation family.”

Because of the complexity of traditional solutions and the large amount of professional services required, industrial automation vendors – who sell easily installed or integrated out-of-the-box products – were unable to tap into market. Until now.

According to Grand View Research, the global vision inspection market is expected to reach $16.39 billion by 2022. However, the INSPEKTO S70, compared to traditional solutions, is extremely affordable, quick and easy to set-up, which means that manufacturers can install multiples points of vision inspection at numerous steps of their production lines, at unprecedented ease, speed and cost. Consequently, the vision inspection market, already huge, could multiply exponentially over the next few years.

“Industrial automation vendors will now have access to an untapped, unclaimed, and highly promising business territory, for the first time in history,” concluded Boren.

Vendors and automation distributors and integrators who wish to inquire about the INSPEKTO S70 and its applications TRACKS™, TYPES™ and FreeCodes™ can enquire here.  

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Inspekto S70 demonstration

AMV inventor reveals US HQ plans

April 13, 2020

~ Israeli start-up Inspekto chooses Detroit as its US base ~

Autonomous machine vision pioneer, Inspekto, is one step closer to having a strong presence on US soil upon striking up a partnership with the Michigan Israel Business Accelerator. After successfully setting up its European HQ in Heilbronn, Germany, the Israeli start-up is putting a major focus on its US operations so that it can replicate its achievements in another of the world’s most important manufacturing market: North America.

In 2018, Inspekto changed the visual quality assurance market for ever by launching the world’s first industrial autonomous machine vision (AMV) system. AMV replaces existing integrator-centric quality assurance solutions with systems that are run out-of-the-box, puting the inspection process directly in the hands of the plant’s quality assurance manager, without the assistance of any third parties.

Since its launch, Inspekto has gained wall-to-wall endorsement from 17 global industrial brands, including Bosch, BMW, BSH, Daimler and Schneider Electric. It’s also received major financial investment from the likes of ZFHN Zukunftsfonds, ACE Equity Partners and Grazia Equity.

In April 2019, Inspekto entered the US market at Automate, Chicago. During the show, Inspekto was awarded the gold-level accolade at the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards. The colossal amount of interest that the company gained from the event by numerous customers and distributors made opening a US headquarters and hiring a team on the ground an easy decision.

“Detroit is widely known as the US headquarters for some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler,” explained Zohar Kantor, VP of sales and projects at Inspekto. “This, combined with the birth of advanced manufacturing across the city, is what excites us most about having a presence here. Detroit is home to more than 15,000 industrial robots and the largest engineering workforce in the US. We’re eager to inject some of Israel’s start-up-nation spirit into the city.

“The Michigan Israel Business Accelerator will help us establish office space, staff and even an assembly facility further. Since partnering, we’ve received a very warm welcome and a great deal of personal attention. It will play a huge part in our successful US launch this year.”

The Michigan Israel Business Accelerator exists to develop partnerships and business connections between Michigan and Israel, as well as increasing the entrepreneurial eco system between the state and the rest of the world, particularly Israel.  

Inspekto S70 | Autonomous Machine Vision US
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Seeing is believing with autonomous machine vision

February 26, 2020

For years industry experts said that Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) would never be possible. To prove the contrary, category founder, Inspekto, is offering QA managers a free demonstration of its revolutionary visual inspection product on the end user’s own production line.

The INSPEKTO S70, can be installed in 30 to 45 minutes at any point on any line, to inspect any product. What’s more, it can be set up by a plant’s own personnel, removing the need for any vision systems integrator or machine vision expertise.

The world’s first plug and play system for visual quality inspection, the INSPEKTO S70 uses several artificial intelligence engines working in tandem to reduce Total Cost of Defect (TCoD). The system is standalone, self-setting, self-adjusting and self-learning.

The S70 can even adapt its own settings in response to environmental changes – including lighting, handling methods and line vibrations — something that was never possible before. Set up requires only 20-30 good samples ― and no defective ones. In addition, the device can inspect multiple products or and multiple models of the same product at a single inspection location, something not possible with any other product.

The combination of affordability and integration-less deployment means machine vision inspection can now be brought into applications where it was not feasible before, due to high costs, long wait times or too many iterations required.

The Inspekto S70 is already bringing huge profitability and productivity gains to manufacturers in all industry sectors, including Bosch, BSH, Daimler, Mahle, Schneider Electric and BMW.

“Inspekto has proved that AMV is possible, forever changing the machine vision ecosystem,” explained Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “However, decades of long wait times and expensive, ineffective integrated solutions means some people in the industry still believe AMV is too good to be true.

“During our demonstrations, we prove that the S70 really can address any visual QA challenge,” added Boren. “In fact, the benefits of the INSPEKTO S70 are so compelling that no company has failed to place an order after having a live demonstration on its production lines.”

To book a demonstration and put the destiny of your plant’s TCoD into your own hands, visit

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Zohar Kantor - VP of sales and marketing

Inspekto brings AMV Inspection to Start-Up Autobahn

February 24, 2020

~ The founder of the Autonomous Machine Vision category brings the house down at start up event ~

Zohar Kantor, Inspekto’s VP of Sales and Projects, delivered a passionate speech in front of an audience of hundreds of industry experts at the Customer Centricity and Operational Excellence Start Up Autobahn in Stuttgart as 2019 drew to a close. Kantor argued that Autonomous Machine Vision is the only way for the automotive industry to meet the quality standards required by autonomous cars and automotive vendors alike.

Start-Up Autobahn is a German innovation platform that connects start-ups at all development stages with corporate partners, to deliver production-ready applications.

“Autonomous cars are built with the end-user in mind,” explained Kantor “Passengers don’t need to be experts in GPS, sensor technology or AI to travel in one, they just need to know their destination. Inspection products in the Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) category a completely new category in quality assurance (QA), delivers the same experience to manufacturers, putting the ownership and control of visual inspection into their own hands.” 

INSPEKTO S70 is the first out-of-the-box product for visual QA. It is self-learning, self-adaptive and self-adjusting — in other words, it delivers the same experience as an autonomous car, but for inspection on the shop floor.

Before AMV inspection products, QA checks were carried out using complex hard-engineered solutions made up of multiple hardware and software elements that were selected, developed and combined together by experts and vision integrators, who would tailor the solution to the individual QA challenge. This project would normally last several months and cost the plant anywhere between $30,000 and $150,000. Plants had no other choice but to follow this path, as no Autonomous Machine Vision product was ever available to the employees on the shop floor.

INSPEKTO S70 changes this state of affairs forever.

The INSPEKTO S70, in contrast, is a product, not a project. Just as we all expect from a product, it comes with everything the shop floor employee needs to perform effective, highly accurate visual QA within 30 to 45 minutes of installation, delivering reduced TCoD (Total Cost of Defect).

“One year after the launch of the INSPEKTO S70, the product has already revolutionised QA procedures all over the world,” continued Kantor. “Some of our biggest customers, such as MAHLE, Bosch and Daimler, have been deploying INSPEKTO S70 since the product’s launch in November 2019. We are selling a system every two days as it reaches the mainstream and becomes the new standard. Our customers tell us that AMV is the only way the automotive industry can keep up with the increased need for quality inspection presented by autonomous, electric and hydrogen powered vehicles.”

“Using AMV Inspection, quality assurance, traditionally considered a “necessary evil” in all sectors of manufacturing, becomes quick, simple and fun. Most importantly, it becomes something that QA managers can do on their own – our mission and passion is to make QA Managers love their jobs,” enthused Kantor.

To book a complimentary demonstration of the Inspekto S70 visit

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See the Inspekto S70 in person

Modex precedes US office opening for AMV inventor

February 16, 2020

~ Inspekto debuts its disruptive tech at Modex 2020, before opening in Detroit in March 2020 ~

Inspekto, the inventor of Industrial Autonomous Machine Vision, will showcase the world’s first ever vision inspection product, the INSPEKTO S70, at Modex 2020, before opening in Detroit in March.

The show runs between March 9 and 20 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Centre. The German-Israeli start-up has experienced exponential growth in the past two years and will be exhibiting for the first time in the United States on booth 4080.

The company’s award-winning innovation, the INSPEKTO S70, is the first stand-alone, self-learning, self-setting and self-adjusting product for visual inspection. Powered by the company’s patented Plug & Play™ technology, the INSPEKTO S70 is the first integration-free technology, served directly to the shop floor personnel, and merging computer vision, deep learning and real-time software optimisation technologies.

“Our powerful technology allows for unprecedented ease of use, which is crucial for non-experts, and is actually re-inventing industrial vision inspection,” explained Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto.

“The INSPEKTO S70 can be installed on an active manufacturing line in 30 to 45 minutes by the people on the shop floor, without the help of machine vision experts or systems integrators, using only 20 to 30 good samples from which the system learns. This achievement is years ahead of any other solution on the market,” added Yonatan Hyatt, CTO and co-founder of Inspekto. “The system can inspect any product, produced in any manufacturing environment with any production process.”

The INSPEKTO S70 was launched in November 2018 and has since reinvented machine vision for quality assurance, pushing Autonomous Machine Vision’s total addressable market (TAM) to $20 billion yearly.

“The global machine vision market is forecast to grow to $15.5 billion by 2024,” remarked Zohar Kantor, VP of sales and project management at Inspekto. “However, the complexity of traditional machine vision solutions is constraining the market. The ease of use, cost-effectiveness and flexibility of Autonomous Machine Vision products will allow the market to boom.”

Attracting more than 30,000 visitors from 110 countries, Modex 2020 provides the perfect platform for Inspekto to introduce the benefits of Autonomous Machine Vision to a large international audience. Visitors to booth 4080 will have the chance to see and experience first-hand the ground-breaking INSPEKTO S70 product in action and run it through its quick, easy and fun installation process. In addition, the company has created a series of videos of the S70 in action on the production lines of global manufacturing brands, with experiences from world leaders such as Bosch, Daimler, BMW, BSH, Schneider Electric and MAHLE.

“Modex 2020, our first trade show in the US, precedes the opening of our American headquarters in Detroit, which will soon be operational,” continued Kantor.  “With our American customer base quickly expanding, there could be no better venue to showcase our technology and get American manufacturers excited about the Autonomous Machine Vision revolution.”

To join the revolution, visit booth 4080 from March 9 to 12.

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Flexible machine vision system | Quality assurance

Distribution deal will save US manufacturers millions

February 10, 2020

~ Inspekto partners with The Knotts Company to sell AMV systems in the United States, thanks to extraordinary demand ~

Inspekto, the German-Israeli start-up that invented Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV), has partnered with The Knotts Company, an automation solutions provider based in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, to sell the INSPEKTO S70 to a growing American customer base.

The newly established partnership means that Knotts’ customers will no longer be forced to rely on traditional machine vision solutions for quality assurance. The shortcomings of these solutions are well known – high cost, long waiting time and reliance on the services of a systems integrator. In contrast, the INSPEKTO S70 can be installed by the plant’s own personnel in 30 to 45 minutes, using an average of only 20 to 30 good samples.

The new system will be of great help to the Knotts Company, a solution provider representing industry leading manufacturers of industrial, automation and robotics products. Knotts focus has always been on increasing performance, productivity and profitability for its customers by collaborating with customer experts to create high-quality automation solutions, including technology, products, integration, machine building and other services. With this in mind, the collaboration with Inspekto can’t but boost the productivity of the Knotts’ customers.

“We’re looking forward to introducing the Autonomous Machine Vision system to our clients who deal specifically with quality assurance inspections,” said Mark Howe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Knotts. “We feel strongly that Inspekto’s systems will save our customers time and money and help ensure top notch inspections—a key element to a successful production line.”

The INSPEKTO S70 is powered by Inspekto’s Plug & Inspect™ technology, the first integration-less technology for visual inspection. Because the INSPEKTO S70 is an out-of-the-box, ready-to-use product, the user experiences an unprecedented ease and speed of set-up. The cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness of the product encourages the installation of QA stations at every step of production, not just at the end of the line, a model Inspekto calls Total QA.

“Often, visual inspection for quality assurance is done manually,” explained Zohar Kantor, VP of Sales & Project Management at Inspekto. “But this produces human mistake errors along with a low success rate. Imagine that – this could be solved by a single product.”

“Quality assurance was traditionally considered a necessary ‘evil’ in all sectors of manufacturing, but with the INSPEKTO’s S70 system it becomes quick, simple and fun,” added Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto. “Most importantly, it means QA managers can install a point of inspection themselves, eliminating the need for burdensome contracts with external experts. Our mission and passion is to make QA managers love their jobs.”

Inspekto is currently building further partnerships with industrial automation vendors in Europe. If you’d like to expand your offering to include the world’s first ever vision inspection product, e-mail

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