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Seeing is believing with autonomous machine vision

January 3, 2020

~The truth about machine vision technology ~

For years industry experts said that Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) would never be possible. To prove the contrary, category founder, Inspekto, is offering QA managers a free demonstration of its revolutionary visual inspection product on the end user’s own production line.

The INSPEKTO S70, can be installed in 30 to 45 minutes at any point on any line, to inspect any product. What’s more, it can be set up by a plant’s own personnel, removing the need for any vision systems integrator or machine vision expertise.

The world’s first plug and play system for visual quality inspection, the INSPEKTO S70 uses several artificial intelligence engines working in tandem to reduce Total Cost of Defect (TCoD). The system is standalone, self-setting, self-adjusting and self-learning.

The S70 can even adapt its own settings in response to environmental changes – including lighting, handling methods and line vibrations — something that was never possible before. Set up requires only 20-30 good samples ― and no defective ones. In addition, the device can inspect multiple products or and multiple models of the same product at a single inspection location, something not possible with any other product.

The combination of affordability and integration-less deployment means machine vision inspection can now be brought into applications where it was not feasible before, due to high costs, long wait times or too many iterations required.

The Inspekto S70 is already bringing huge profitability and productivity gains to manufacturers in all industry sectors, including Bosch, BSH, Daimler, Mahle, Schneider Electric and BMW.

“Inspekto has proved that AMV is possible, forever changing the machine vision ecosystem,” explained Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “However, decades of long wait times and expensive, ineffective integrated solutions means some people in the industry still believe AMV is too good to be true.

“During our demonstrations, we prove that the S70 really can address any visual QA challenge,” added Boren. “In fact, the benefits of the INSPEKTO S70 are so compelling that no company has failed to place an order after having a live demonstration on its production lines.”

To book a free demonstration of this vision inspection system and put the destiny of your plant’s TCoD into your own hands, visit

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Inspekto | Visual inspection technology

First in the world Autonomous Machine Vision system with strong German presence

May 7, 2019

~ Inspekto and Cosmo EU announce partnership at Control 2019 ~

To offer the latest in quality management to its clients, Cosmo EU will showcase live the Autonomous Machine Vision INSPEKTO S70 system at Control 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, from May 7 to 10.

Cosmo EU is an international leading industrial testing company, with more than 40 years of experience in the sector. At Control, Cosmo EU will exhibit a wide range of their products. These include their DF-2820 laminar-flow sensor, flow testers such as the AR-R220, and leak testing devices such as the LS-R902, the LS-R700 and LS- R910. All of these devices will be shown in operation on stand 6220 in hall 6.

With the INSPEKTO S70 Autonomous Machine Vision system, Cosmo EU is making a strong move into the quality inspection sector, providing its many customers with an inspection system that is 1000 times faster to install, at 1/10 the price than any traditional solution.

The two companies will be demonstrating an installation deployed at a world-leading German automotive manufacturing brand. The installation provides inline quality assurance for inner cylinder bores: Cosmo devices make sure that a cylinder bore is fully sealed, while the INSPEKTO S70 System establishes if the milling is accurate and if the various assembly parts are mounted correctly.

“The collaboration between Cosmo and Inspekto eliminates integration-related difficulties for the final customer,” explained Thomas Porysek, CEO of Cosmo EU. “In fact, the two devices integrate seamlessly, meaning that they can provide our customer with a system that is ready to be used and offers the double advantage of efficient leak testing and Autonomous Machine Vision.”

“Control is the ideal venue to launch this exciting partnership,” added Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “The collaboration between our two firms opens new paths for the industry, providing Cosmo’s clients with a unique quality assurance (QA) system that combines the precision of Cosmo’s leak detecting devices with the convenience of Total QA. This also brings additional impact to customer-lines productivity and profitability.”

The INSPEKTO S70 system is already in use at plants of leading manufacturers in a variety of sectors. Less than six months after launching, Inspekto has a commercial footprint of over 2,871 industrial plants worldwide and is the leader in Autonomous Machine Vision. For more information, visit

Cosmo EU is an international leader in leak, flow and ring testing for numerous applications. Among their clients are world-wide renowned companies from the automotive sector, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and electrical engineering.

For more information contact Inspekto.

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Inspekto S70 | Autonomous Machine Vision

Bringing the Apple experience to industrial manufacturing

May 5, 2019

~ Inspekto launches suite of apps for INSPEKTO S70 system ~

The first mover into the Autonomous Machine Vision category, Inspekto, has launched its rich suite of applications for the INSPEKTO S70 system. Inspekto heads to Germany to share the news of how Autonomous Machine Vision brings the flexibility needed to increase per-line productivity and profitability to an extraordinary extent. Available from May 7, 2019, the first day of Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance (QA), the apps bring a new level of value to QA and machine vision products.

Launched at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart, the INSPEKTO S70 is the first product in the Autonomous Machine Vision category. Available to industrial firms at one tenth of the cost of a traditional solution, both the system and its apps can be installed in 30 to 45 minutes by the plant’s own personnel, with no requirement for an external vision systems integrator nor any experts.

The new suite of applications adds substantial layers of value to every INSPEKTO S70 installed on the manufacturing line. On top of its standard visual quality assurance (QA) capabilities sit a myriad of apps including Inspekto TRACKS™, for archiving images and information as a product travels down the production line. Manufacturers can use this app to null any incorrect claims about product quality and also to perform root-cause analysis to find out at what stage in production defects may be occurring and why.

Inspekto TYPES™ is a power-multiplier app for every INSPEKTO S70 system which makes it possible to inspect any number of product models at the same location on the production line. For example, manufacturers using plastic injection moulding machines are now able to set one INSPEKTO S70 system to inspect tens, or even hundreds of products manufactured by the moulding heads of each plastic injection machine. A further application, Inspekto ACCOUNT™, means products can be accurately and rapidly counted as they are boxed for shipment.

“Inspekto is bringing the Apple experience to the machine vision industry,” explained Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “An industry blighted by complexity, high cost and long wait times has already been transformed by Autonomous Machine Vision, which bundles an enormous amount of technology into a simple platform for the end-user.

“Taking the iPhone as an example,” added Boren. “When iPhone devices are purchased, they are identical. Days later, my iPhone will be drastically different from yours. This is because each person’s smartphone contains applications tailored to the needs of the user. The same is true of the INSPEKTO S70, the user can tailor the product to their exact needs, be it visual QA, archiving and traceability, multi-product support, counting, sorting, gating or root-cause analysis on a plant or firm scale.”

“Inspekto’s focus is not just on quality assurance,” explained Yonatan Hyatt, CTO of Inspekto. “The company is a driver of manufacturers plants’ profitability and productivity. Our Autonomous Machine Vision systems are now even more powerful because the applications bring immense layers of value to the user on the shopfloor. Manufacturing plants in all industries, are no longer tied to the constraints of an inflexible, tedious and expensive vision solution, but finally have access to a customisable platform that saves them hundreds of thousands of Euros every year.”

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Vision systems design

Inspekto — the gold mine of productivity

April 8, 2019

~ Inspekto wins Gold Vision Systems Design Award in Chicago ~

Thanks to its originality, innovation and impact on bottom line productivity, the world’s first Autonomous Machine Vision system, the INSPEKTO S70, has been honoured with a Gold Award in the Vision Systems category of the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards. Presented on April 8 at Automate in Chicago, Illinois, the prestigious award recognizes the worldwide impact Inspekto is bringing to industrial manufacturers.

Launched at VISION in November 2018, the INSPEKTO S70 is the world’s first product in the Autonomous Machine Vision category. Capable of inspecting any product, on any line, using any handling method, the system is a major tool for profitability per line for industrial plants, regardless of industry or geography. Using Inspekto Plug and Inspect TM technology, the system can be installed in 30 to 60 minutes and carries a price tag of only €10,000.

The company will be building on its award-winning success by launching a suite of new applications for the Inspekto Platform on May 7, 2019, at Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance (QA) in Stuttgart.

Users can install the applications on any S70 to perform valuable tasks. The applications include Inspekto QUALIFY™ for integrator-less visual QA, Inspekto TRACKS™ for archiving, traceability and claim-rejection, Inspekto TYPES™ to address any number of product models on one location. At Control, Inspekto will also launch its central management platform, which comprises a rich suite of valuable services and add-ons, all designed to bring an immediate, powerful boost to a lines’ yield, productivity and profitability.

The INSPEKTO S70 is the first system to enable plants to apply Total QA — visual QA at every location on the production line. This means that manufacturers can identify defects as soon as they occur at all points on the line to reduce scrap, improve yield and add to profitability.

“Installing the INSPEKTO S70 means that valuable staff can be moved from
monotonous QA tasks to more productive roles and traditional tedious solutions replaced by simple to use and very affordable systems,” explained Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto. “Over time, a €10,000 investment in an off-the-shelf product will save a plant hundreds of thousands and drastically improve productivity.

“In fact, one of our customers, a world leading automotive plant, recently reported direct savings of €468,336 per year from just one location using an INSPEKTO S70 system. When you think about installing multiple systems to achieve Total QA, the impact on customer profits is extraordinary.”

“Making Autonomous Machine Vision possible was a colossal achievement that took our world-class scientists and engineers on a voyage through completely uncharted territories,” explained Yonatan Hyatt, CTO and co-founder of Inspekto. “The resulting vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies make Inspekto the first machine vision system provider to speak directly to the manufacturer, instead of to the systems integrator.”

“Enabling industrial staff to setup and run the hyper-complex system that sits behind the S70’s friendly UI, in minutes using only a mouse, without any knowledge of vision or AI technologies, and no expert assistance whatsoever, has been, a “technology-Everest”. This revolution in-the-making has been a very satisfying experience for us all.”

The INSPEKTO S70 system has already been deployed in the plants of leading manufacturers in various industries and, less than six months after launching, Inspekto has a commercial footprint of over 2,572 industrial plants worldwide.


Want to find out more about our award winning system? Get in touch here. 

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Inspekto launches S70 Autonomous Machine Vision system

November 6, 2018

The future of Quality Assurance starts today

On November 6, 2018, Inspekto launched the S70, the world’s first Autonomous Machine Vision system. The S70 offers powerful quality assurance capabilities in a small, versatile and practical package. Suitable for any handling method, product type and material, the S70 is up to the job, no matter what the visual QA task. The system can be seen first-hand running on booth 1D81 at VISION in Stuttgart, Germany.

The S70 system can be installed in 30 to 60 minutes, 1,000 times quicker than a traditional machine vision solution and at ten per cent of the cost. This out-of-the-box system offers a simple, intuitive user interface designed to be installed directly by the shop-floor employee. This means that no systems integrator is required at any step of the short set up process, or at any time later. The S70’s high affordability and ease of deployment enables manufacturing plants to install it at any point on a production line, and even move it from one line to another, at any time in the future, within minutes.

A German company with Israeli DNA, Inspekto is supported by leading industrial businesses from across the DACH region. During beta stage, the company installed its system in the plants of leading industrial manufacturers, in countries including Germany, Italy, France and Austria. The S70 will deliver market changing benefits to manufacturers with a yearly total available market exceeding $30 billion.

“The S70 is a world first – defining the Autonomous Machine Vision category and introducing the inaugural Plug and InspectTM technology for the modern shop floor environment,” explained Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto. “Because of the S70’s affordability and simplicity, the digital factory is now a reality, allowing collection of data, down to product-images, meta-data and defects from the entire production process and across production tiers. It offers full archiving and traceability – protecting both the manufacturer’s production process, as well as its customers, from unwanted scrap and unwanted defects.”

“The market has been waiting for the arrival of the S70,” added Zohar Kantor, VP Sales of Inspekto. “Manufacturers are trapped into expensive contracts with systems integrators and cannot access machine vision technology themselves. Inspekto’s S70 system finally puts the manufacturer at centre-stage. Our powerful, and growing numbers of world-leading customers attest to the huge impact of the S70 in responding immediately to any QA need arising on the production line. There is no need for any external experts, there’s no need to select cameras, lenses or any other equipment required with a traditional solution, there’s no need to take products off-line for inspection and there’s no need to put any special structures in place. By setting their visual QA systems by themselves, the S70 gives manufacturers independent control over their QA, for the first time ever.”

“Our team of research experts have pushed the boundaries of computer-vision and artificial-intelligence technologies to develop a product that will change the QA industry forever,” added Yonatan Hyatt, CTO and Co-founder of Inspekto. “Working alongside some of the world-leading manufacturers across the DACH region, we have developed an autonomous product introducing an innovative and patented technology that dramatically increases the productivity of production and QA managers. It truly meets the challenges of today’s manufacturing world.”

To see the product first hand and experience the S70 live in action, visit booth 1D81 at VISION 2018.

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Millions to back Autonomous Machine Vision

October 16, 2018

Millions to back Autonomous Machine Vision

More than US $10 million invested into Inspekto

Leading multinational industrial companies from Germany and Switzerland have invested more than US $10 million into Inspekto. The company is the founder and developer of the Autonomous Machine Vision category ─ a visual system that allows manufacturers to set-up, install and detect defects in production in minutes, without the help of any external experts or systems integrators. The start-up will meet the needs of a yearly multi-billion-dollar market across a broad range of vertical manufacturing sectors, including automotive and electronics.

The $10 million injected comes from leading industrial players, as well as expert financial investors. Inspekto’s investors include: Grazia Equity, ZFHN, Mahle, Planven, THI Investments and Steinbeis. The company’s valuation post investment is in the region of $60 million.

The funding is for Inspekto’s launch activities of Plug & Inspect™ technology driving its leading product, the INSPEKTO S70. During research and development (R&D), Inspekto collaborated with tens of leading DACH manufacturers to ensure the product is perfectly aligned with market needs and requirements. The company is now heading to its official launch at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart, where it will hold live product

demonstrations and make its product available for general sale to manufacturing plants worldwide.

“The INSPEKTO S70 is the world’s first ever Autonomous Machine Vision product, which will reinvent machine vision QA,” explained Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “Leading players chose to invest in Inspekto because of its huge expected impact on industry,” added Boren. “This financial support offers a vote of confidence in the expected impact of Autonomous Machine Vision on the quality assurance (QA) industry
– a multi-billion-dollar market. Inspekto’s mission is to make quality assurance managers love their jobs, by giving them complete control of where, when and how visual QA can be conducted.”

“Inspekto’s research team aspires to explore and push the boundaries of computer- vision and artificial-intelligence to allow autonomous machine-vision solutions for industrial manufacturers,” added Yonatan Hyatt, CTO of Inspekto. “Our introduction of zero-friction setup of inspection units throughout entire production lines is bringing factories to peak levels of efficiency and ensuring immediate detection of defects right as they appear in the manufacturing process. The current financing will allow us to further deepen our domain-specific research, alleviating major points of pain in the industrial domain.”

“As one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide, we identified early-on the enormous potential impact of Autonomous Machine Vision on production, performance and competitive edge,” said Johannes Diem, Corporate Planning, Corporate Strategy, Venture Capital and M&A Strategy at MAHLE International GmbH. “Inspekto’s work with our plants has been consistently useful and led us to make our first-ever direct investment in a start-up company.”

“Steinbeis has a long history of working closely with German industrial manufacturers,” explained Uwe Haug, Member of the Board of Directors of Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG für Technologietransfer. “We identified early on the strategic impact that Inspekto brings

to German industry, across any vertical and vendor size, which is what drove us to make our investment in the company.”

The company will officially launch at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart on November 6, when the product will be unveiled and become available for purchase. Inspekto’s S70 system is a small, smart, standalone visual QA product, which can be installed up to 1,000 times faster than a traditional solution, and at 1/10th of the cost.

About Inspekto

Inspekto is a German industrial company with Israeli DNA. Backed by leading industrial businesses from across the DACH region, the start-up is out to reshape the machine vision sector, introducing the first powerful entries into the new Autonomous Machine Category.
Inspekto Autonomous Machine Vision systems are designed to put the Machine Vision market on a one-way course, replacing existing integrator-centric solutions by ready-to-go out-of-the-box QA systems put at the very hands of the industrial plant QA manager.
The systems are driven by Plug & Inspect™, the first integrator-less technology for visual quality inspection, gating and sorting, which eliminates the costly integration and customized developments that characterized traditional machine vision technology.


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Inspekto | Visual inspection technology

A vision of Plug and Inspect™ QA

August 10, 2018

Autonomous Machine Vision expert, Inspekto heads to VISION 2018 to launch its revolutionary product, powered by Plug & Inspect™ technology. From November 6 to 8, 2018 in Stuttgart Germany, the manufacturing industry will visit booth 1D81 to see first-hand how quick, easy and affordable the future of visual quality assurance (QA) will be with Autonomous Machine Vision.

Inspekto is the founder of industrial Autonomous Machine Vision for quality inspection, gating and sorting. A German company with Israeli DNA, Inspekto is working with a handful of leading German investors, including such top players as Mahle, Grazia, Steinbeis and ZFHN, and numerous leading DACH, French and Italian top global manufacturers, to revolutionize QA in manufacturing.

Inspekto’s Plug & Inspect™ technology means that employees in the manufacturing facility can take the Autonomous Machine Vision system out of the box and install it in minutes, on their own, without any help from a systems integrator and without the long process associated with setting up QA solutions today. Plug & Inspect™ powered systems provide full autonomy to the manufacturing plant: systems immediately self-adapt to any changes in the inspected object  environment, such as changes in light conditions and object location or orientation, without any intervention whatsoever.

The system’s powerful machine vision and artificial intelligence capabilities mean that manufacturers can also independently change the object being inspected and the QA system, or even move the system to another production line altogether, on their own, in minutes, with no need for any external experts.

“Traditional QA methods rely on systems’ integrators to install and adjust the QA system,” explained Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “This imposes a tedious expert-
dependant setup and commissioning process and ties manufacturers to a third-party installer, leading to inescapable excessive costs and downtime. Autonomous Machine Vision changes this. It makes the systems’ integrator entirely obsolete and brings control in-house, giving manufacturers the opportunity to plug and inspect in minutes.

We put Inspekto on course to change machine vision QA from the necessary evil it is, to be customer-centric, and give QA managers a tool that is 100 times quicker to set up, at 1/10 th the cost.

“VISION is the best place for us to hold the ‘world premier’ of the industry’s first ever Autonomous Machine Vision system, powered by our Plug & Inspect™ technology,” Boren continued. “We will be running live systems on exhibition grounds so that manufacturers can experience first-hand how the new category of Autonomous Machine Vision systems will transform the way they perform QA.”

The robust technology behind Inspekto’s product, leading to unprecedented affordability and immediacy of installation, finally makes Total QA possible for any industrial plant, whereby inspection is conducted at every stage along a production line and is no longer limited to mission-critical points or the end of the line.

Total QA allows quality defects to be identified earlier than with traditional QA methods, which reduces the amount of resources wasted on the manufacturing of objects with quality defects, and carries vast direct impact to industrialists’ bottom line.

To be one of the first to see Autonomous Machine Vision QA in action, visit Inspekto at VISION 2018 – Booth 1D81.

About Inspekto:

Inspekto is a German industrial company with Israeli DNA. Backed by leading industrial businesses from across the DACH region, the firm is out to reshape the machine vision sector, introducing first powerful entries into the new Autonomous Machine Vision Category.
Inspekto Autonomous Machine Vision systems are designed to put the Machine Vision market on a one-way course, replacing existing integrator-centric solutions by ready-to-go and out-of-the-box QA systems, put at the very hands of the industrial plant QA manager. The systems are driven by Plug & Inspect™, the world’s first ever integrator-less technology for visual quality inspection, gating and sorting, which eliminates the costly integration and customized developments that characterize machine vision technologies today.

Visual quality inspection technology | Autonomous machine vision founder
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