Installation without the help of experts

Installation without the help of experts

Inspekto will show how quick, easy and affordable the future of visual quality assurance (QA) will be with Autonomous Machine Vision. The plug&inspect technology means that employees in the manufacturing facility can take the system out of the box and install it in minutes, on their own, without any help from a systems integrator and without the long process associated with setting up QA solutions today. Systems powered by this technology provide full autonomy to the manufacturing plant: systems immediately self-adapt to any changes in the inspected object environment, such as changes in light conditions and object location or orientation, without any intervention whatsoever. The system’s machine vision and artificial intelligence capabilities mean that manufacturers can also independently change the object being inspected and the QA system, or even move the system to another production line altogether, on their own, in minutes, with no need for any external experts.

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