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New to the INSPEKTO S70 or already using it for a while? Want to ensure smooth onboarding and continuous high satisfaction? We’ve got your back. We have remote or on-site support to help you with any technical issue or inspection challenge.

Starter Support Package
You've purchased the first system for your production site? Successful onboarding and support are major contributors for a successful deployment. This plan will enable you to make the most of your INSPEKTO S70.

  • 1 Package for the whole site, independent of number of systems
  • Onboarding program including practical training on how to resolve your use-case
  • Technical remote support with 4 hours engineer time
  • Discount on ad-hoc professional services and spare parts
  • Software update program – eligibility to receive maintenance releases and new software upgrades
  • 1 Profile Optimization Service
Support On Demand
Using the INSPEKTO S70 and feeling independent? That’s great. You can book on-demand paid support only when you need it.

  • Schedule a remote support session with our engineer.
  • Schedule an on-site Inspekto engineer visit.

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Metal Parts Inspection
Plastic Parts Inspection
Manual Assembly
The inspection of PCBs
Unboxing video
BSH Customer Use Case

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Technical FAQs

What is the minimum and maximum working distance of the INSPEKTO S70?

The minimum working distance is 5cm, the maximum working distance is undefined.
The INSPEKTO S70 has X17 optical zoom which allows the system to work at various working distances according to the inspection need and the line limitations

How many profiles can we have on a single INSPEKTO S70 ?

When purchasing the INSPEKTO S70 Agile option, there is an unlimited number of profiles. With INSPEKTO S70 Core the system can have up to 5 profiles

How does the INSPEKTO S70 report results?

The INSPEKTO S70  can communicate with external devices (i.e. robot, PLC, etc.) using any one of the supported connectivity types.
The INSPEKTO S70 supports the following connectivity protocols: Profinet, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP, Digital I/O and Discrete Digital I/O.
* Digital I/O and Discrete Digital I/O requires purchasing of the Digital I/O module from INSPEKTO.

Can the INSPEKTO S70 inspect moving objects?

Yes, the INSPEKTO S70 can inspect moving objects up to the speed of 0.75m/Sec.
* for inspection of moving objects there is a need to use an External Trigger, or Direct Trigger >>for more details please view the INSPEKTO S70 manuals or us at support@inspekto.com.

What is the inspection cycle time?

The INSPEKTO S70 inspection cycle time depends on several variables such as the trigger type used, number of ROIs and more.
A typical inspection time could be ~300-400mSec. when using direct or external trigger and approximately 1Sec when using automatic trigger

How many samples do I need to use for setting up a profile?

The INSPEKTO S70 requires only 20 OK (PASS) samples in order to set up a profile. It is also recommended to add several NOK (FAIL) samples. This will allow the INSPEKTO S70 to learn about the defects and increase its sensitivity to them.

How long does it take to set up a new profile ?

It will typically take approx. 30 minute to set up a new profile for the INSPEKTO S70. After profile setup it is recommended to optimize profile performance by reviewing inspections and adding more OK (PASS) and NOK (FAIL) samples as needed.

How do I get credentials for MyInspekto ?

You have to have bought a system and registered in our CRM as a contact in order to get the login credentials. You will get them automatically in case you are registered as a contact. If you would like to get registered as a contact and you have purchased an Inspekto product, please contact us at support@inspekto.com.

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