Qualitätssicherung – Unsere größte Herausforderung ist gelöst

Juni 13, 2022

~ Q&A with Oliver Scholl, Process Engineer Quality Assurance at Diehl AKO Stiftung & Co ~

What is the most challenging use case that the INSPEKTO S70 was used for?
Our biggest challenge was detecting small defects on printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the production lines, where some holes are filled with Lacquer.

Did the INSPEKTO S70 help solve it?
Yes, the INSPEKTO S70 can detect these defects and with its digital module we can stop the line in case of a failure.

Which capabilities did you find most innovative and impactful?
For me, the most innovative capabilities of the INSPEKTO S70 are the self-explanatory operation, which makes it easy to set up and deploy, and the fact that the system is not sensitive to ambient lighting.

Did the set up phase go smoothly? Did you require any technical expertise?
You don’t need to be an expert to set up the INSPEKTO S70, just a bit of practice.

For anyone considering our system, why would you recommend to purchase and use it?
There are several reasons why I would recommend the INSPEKTO S70. Firstly, the system is ready to use in a very short time. Moreover, the new software was a big step forward and made the system more versatile. Also, quality deviations can be reliably found in most cases. Another advantage is that while other systems require considerable knowledge to create inspection programmes, the INSPEKTO S70 requires only a little knowledge to understand whether inspection is feasible at all. Finally, I like the fact that we can use the INSPEKTO S70 as a mobile control unit that can be moved wherever a new quality assurance station is needed.

Quality inspection of PCB

The INSPEKTO S70 inspecting a PCB at the Diehl plant

Quality assurance of a PCB with autonomous machine vision

Screen of the INSPEKTO S70 performing quality inspection of a PCB at the Diehl plant

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