Inspekto offers virtual demos of the company’s flagship product

Juni 04, 2021

~ Reflection-free images and Autonomous Machine Vision AI take vision inspection to new heights ~

Inspekto, the global company that pioneered Autonomous Machine Vision, has launched the INSPEKTO S70 Gen.2, a new and improved version of its famous Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) system for industrial quality inspection. Powered by Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI), the S70 Gen.2 supports an even higher number of use cases and allows for reliable quality inspection in challenging applications such as highly reflective materials, moving parts and vibrating platforms.

While allowing for high-quality inspection in wider number of scenarios, the INSPEKTO S70 Gen.2 maintains its speed and ease of installation. Unlike traditional machine vision solutions, the S70 Gen.2 is an off-th- shelf edge device that users can install in as little as 45 minutes, without any expertise in machine vision or AI. The simple setup procedure only requires an average of 20 to 30 OK (good) sample items and no NOK (defective) ones, meaning that no training, data labelling or annotation is required to create the immediate proof of concept (POC).

While retaining its user-friendliness, the latest version of Inspekto’s flagship edge device offers new and improved characteristics. The first is the possibility to deploy the system in an even higher number of use cases. As opposed to traditional machine vision solutions, built as a project from multiple components and set to inspect only a specific use case, AMV systems are universal, they include both the required hardware and software, and can inspect a wide variety of parts and use cases. This revolutionary feature has been further extended by the possibility to reliably inspect highly reflective parts, such as metals and plastics.

The built in 5000K LEDs of the S70 Gen.2, controlled by pulse-width modularisation and arranged in several distinct regions, allow the system to autonomously control the direction of the illumination and take several images with varying light direction and intensities. These are then fused to create a single reflection-less HDR image.

Another unique benefit of this patent-pending technology is that it was designed so that the human eye can see no flickering or light variation. This means that if workers are standing nearby, they won’t be disturbed by sudden light changes. If needed, the system automatically adjusts parameters such as exposure, iris, illumination regime, or the sequence of images used to create the final and optimised image, with no human intervention.

The S70 Gen.2 also offers an improved vibration detection and resolution mechanism, as well as the possibility to inspect moving objects running at up to 0.75m/sec. Another benefit is that the inspection cycle time has been shortened to less than 0.5 seconds in most cases, meaning that the system can inspect up to three parts per second.

The second generation of AMV systems is based on continuous research and advancement in Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI). This is a unique method of neural networks formulation and architecture, specifically developed to mimic the human cognitive vision process end-to-end.

AMV-AI is powered by three independent and synergetic AI-based engines. The first is the acquisition AI engine, in charge of dynamically adapting the operating parameters of the electro-optical imaging system in real-time to support multiple different vision tasks. The second is the detection and alignment AI engine, in charge of the identification, classification and 3D alignment of any object within the acquired image, after a single input sample. This engine allows the system to recognise the parts it sees in a live video stream and identify the best moment to acquire an image and complete the last task – inspection, which is performed by the third AI engine.

“Inspekto has always supported the idea of democratising quality assurance,” said Yonatan Hyatt, CTO of Inspekto. “What excites us is that the S70 Gen.2 allows also small manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of automated quality inspection, without losing their agility and flexibility. Until not long ago, such technologies were reserved for large corporations.”

“With the S70 Gen.2, manufacturers of all sizes, in many industries, can reap the benefits of machine vision that feels like magic, but is actually based on the most state-of-the-art AI and computer vision technologies,” said Ofer Nir, CEO of Inspekto. “This new generation of S70 systems further expands the capabilities of our proven solution, enabling agile, reliable and cost-effective quality assurance in applications where it was previously impossible. It truly is a new age for machine vision.”

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