A vision of Plug and Inspect™ QA

10 August, 2018

Autonomous Machine Vision expert, Inspekto heads to VISION 2018 to launch its revolutionary product, powered by Plug & Inspect™ technology. From November 6 to 8, 2018 in Stuttgart Germany, the manufacturing industry will visit booth 1D81 to see first-hand how quick, easy and affordable the future of visual quality assurance (QA) will be with Autonomous Machine Vision.

Inspekto is the founder of industrial Autonomous Machine Vision for quality inspection, gating and sorting. A German company with Israeli DNA, Inspekto is working with a handful of leading German investors, including such top players as Mahle, Grazia, Steinbeis and ZFHN, and numerous leading DACH, French and Italian top global manufacturers, to revolutionize QA in manufacturing.

Inspekto’s Plug & Inspect™ technology means that employees in the manufacturing facility can take the Autonomous Machine Vision system out of the box and install it in minutes, on their own, without any help from a systems integrator and without the long process associated with setting up QA solutions today. Plug & Inspect™ powered systems provide full autonomy to the manufacturing plant: systems immediately self-adapt to any changes in the inspected object  environment, such as changes in light conditions and object location or orientation, without any intervention whatsoever.

The system’s powerful machine vision and artificial intelligence capabilities mean that manufacturers can also independently change the object being inspected and the QA system, or even move the system to another production line altogether, on their own, in minutes, with no need for any external experts.

“Traditional QA methods rely on systems’ integrators to install and adjust the QA system,” explained Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “This imposes a tedious expert-
dependant setup and commissioning process and ties manufacturers to a third-party installer, leading to inescapable excessive costs and downtime. Autonomous Machine Vision changes this. It makes the systems’ integrator entirely obsolete and brings control in-house, giving manufacturers the opportunity to plug and inspect in minutes.

We put Inspekto on course to change machine vision QA from the necessary evil it is, to be customer-centric, and give QA managers a tool that is 100 times quicker to set up, at 1/10 th the cost.

“VISION is the best place for us to hold the ‘world premier’ of the industry’s first ever Autonomous Machine Vision system, powered by our Plug & Inspect™ technology,” Boren continued. “We will be running live systems on exhibition grounds so that manufacturers can experience first-hand how the new category of Autonomous Machine Vision systems will transform the way they perform QA.”

The robust technology behind Inspekto’s product, leading to unprecedented affordability and immediacy of installation, finally makes Total QA possible for any industrial plant, whereby inspection is conducted at every stage along a production line and is no longer limited to mission-critical points or the end of the line.

Total QA allows quality defects to be identified earlier than with traditional QA methods, which reduces the amount of resources wasted on the manufacturing of objects with quality defects, and carries vast direct impact to industrialists’ bottom line.

To be one of the first to see Autonomous Machine Vision QA in action, visit Inspekto at VISION 2018 – Booth 1D81.

About Inspekto:

Inspekto is a German industrial company with Israeli DNA. Backed by leading industrial businesses from across the DACH region, the firm is out to reshape the machine vision sector, introducing first powerful entries into the new Autonomous Machine Vision Category.
Inspekto Autonomous Machine Vision systems are designed to put the Machine Vision market on a one-way course, replacing existing integrator-centric solutions by ready-to-go and out-of-the-box QA systems, put at the very hands of the industrial plant QA manager. The systems are driven by Plug & Inspect™, the world’s first ever integrator-less technology for visual quality inspection, gating and sorting, which eliminates the costly integration and customized developments that characterize machine vision technologies today.


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