Inspekto launches S70 Autonomous Machine Vision system

06 November, 2018

The future of Quality Assurance starts today

On November 6, 2018, Inspekto launched the S70, the world’s first Autonomous Machine Vision system. The S70 offers powerful quality assurance capabilities in a small, versatile and practical package. Suitable for any handling method, product type and material, the S70 is up to the job, no matter what the visual QA task. The system can be seen first-hand running on booth 1D81 at VISION in Stuttgart, Germany.

The S70 system can be installed in 30 to 60 minutes, 1,000 times quicker than a traditional machine vision solution and at ten per cent of the cost. This out-of-the-box system offers a simple, intuitive user interface designed to be installed directly by the shop-floor employee. This means that no systems integrator is required at any step of the short set up process, or at any time later. The S70’s high affordability and ease of deployment enables manufacturing plants to install it at any point on a production line, and even move it from one line to another, at any time in the future, within minutes.

A German company with Israeli DNA, Inspekto is supported by leading industrial businesses from across the DACH region. During beta stage, the company installed its system in the plants of leading industrial manufacturers, in countries including Germany, Italy, France and Austria. The S70 will deliver market changing benefits to manufacturers with a yearly total available market exceeding $30 billion.

“The S70 is a world first – defining the Autonomous Machine Vision category and introducing the inaugural Plug and InspectTM technology for the modern shop floor environment,” explained Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto. “Because of the S70’s affordability and simplicity, the digital factory is now a reality, allowing collection of data, down to product-images, meta-data and defects from the entire production process and across production tiers. It offers full archiving and traceability – protecting both the manufacturer’s production process, as well as its customers, from unwanted scrap and unwanted defects.”

“The market has been waiting for the arrival of the S70,” added Zohar Kantor, VP Sales of Inspekto. “Manufacturers are trapped into expensive contracts with systems integrators and cannot access machine vision technology themselves. Inspekto’s S70 system finally puts the manufacturer at centre-stage. Our powerful, and growing numbers of world-leading customers attest to the huge impact of the S70 in responding immediately to any QA need arising on the production line. There is no need for any external experts, there’s no need to select cameras, lenses or any other equipment required with a traditional solution, there’s no need to take products off-line for inspection and there’s no need to put any special structures in place. By setting their visual QA systems by themselves, the S70 gives manufacturers independent control over their QA, for the first time ever.”

“Our team of research experts have pushed the boundaries of computer-vision and artificial-intelligence technologies to develop a product that will change the QA industry forever,” added Yonatan Hyatt, CTO and Co-founder of Inspekto. “Working alongside some of the world-leading manufacturers across the DACH region, we have developed an autonomous product introducing an innovative and patented technology that dramatically increases the productivity of production and QA managers. It truly meets the challenges of today’s manufacturing world.”

To see the product first hand and experience the S70 live in action, visit booth 1D81 at VISION 2018.

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