A new paradigm in industrial machine vision

From project to product. From complex to simple

Imagine a visual QA solution installed out-of-the-box, within minutes, at any location, for any product, at any production line by anyone.

What constitutes Autonomous Machine Vision?

Autonomous machine vision is a whole new category – making machine vision smarter and easier to implement, as these systems have self setups and self settings.

Industrial machine vision is complex, tailor made for the application, location, material, process and many other considerations, making it difficult to deploy. The autonomous machine vision on the other hand is simple to implement and very versatile, appropriate for a very wide range of use cases & scenarios.

Autonomous Machine Vision for QA

Autonomous machine vision solutions for QA automate QA processes with a machine vision system that is cost-effective, easy to set up and train, and flexible enough to tackle a wide variety of QA challenges. A solution that is generic or universal, meaning that it can inspect a very wide range of parts and use cases and not limited to the one product it was tailored to inspect, providing the flexibility required to switch from one part to another, or one location to another, quickly and easily.

AMV systems eliminate the risks that come with traditional machine vision systems as creating the proof of concept (POC) will take users less time than they would normally need to just make the research and select the right components for any other machine vision project.