Learns like a human
inspects like a machine

One Product – Unlimited use cases – immediate and easy to deploy


Highly affordable and immediate to deploy industrial visual inspection

The INSPEKTO S70 is a fully equipped out-of-the-box industrial visual inspection product with unprecedented simplicity & immediacy, that can be operationally deployed in less than a day.

It combines a unique electro-optics system with the breakthrough Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI™) technology , to deliver a visual quality inspection solution that is versatile, extremely easy to deploy, adapts to changes in the production line and requires no machine vision expertise.

An automated visual inspection system that requires unprecedently low amount of production data.

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Redefined visual quality inspection


  • System ready to deploy
  • Extremely quick set-up
Fastest version yet; Simulating Inspection as your safety net

Easy to use:

  • No machine vision expertise needed
  • Low amount of simple production data
  • Continuous optimization
MyInspekto : 24/7 Digital customer portal


  • Standardized product
  • Wide range of inspection use-cases
  • Many production processes
Profile Optimization – drop-in, remote profile optimization


  • Low Total cost of ownership
  • Minimal resources to deploy
Automated Inspection Service – no CAPEX required

High performance:

  • Accurate & reliable
  • Scalable
  • Resilient
Increased camera control Anti-Reflection including parts in motion

Risk Free:

  • Quick use case verification
  • Re-usable for future needs
Imaging Mode Selector – system selects optimal image

Immediacy & simplicity!

From un-boxing to inspection in a day
No machine vision or AI expertise required; No onsite AI training
Only 20 to 30 good (OK) samples; Defected (NOK) samples not mandatory

Simple 3 steps for inspection:




Mount in location


Easy & Quick Setup

INSPEKTO S70 - transforms visual quality assurance from a hindrance to competitive edge

The INSPEKTO S70 is incorporated in this version :

All inclusive factory integrated electro-optics system
Visual inspection based on the AMV-AI™ technology
Connectivity protocols to integrate to PLC/MES
Multi job sequencing
Unlimited jobs
Mobile platform
INSPEKTO S70 Standard
Patent Pending

All inclusive factory integrated electro-optics system

Patent Pending

Visual inspection based on the AMV-AI™ technology

Patent Pending

Connectivity protocols to integrate to PLC/MES

Patent Pending

Multi job sequencing

Patent Pending

Unlimited jobs

Additional capabilities

Additional capabilities are available to boost your value from the Inspekto S70:

Powerful archiving

Traceability and claim-verification module

Connectivity protocols package

For easy integration with PLC, MES and other production management entities

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