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THT components inspection by INSPEKTO S70 at Katek

Inspection of THT Components – Adding Value to the Electronics Value Chain

Delving into a complex electronics assembly challenge at KATEK Grassau, this use case indicates how INSPEKTO S70 transformed THT component inspection and streamlined setup with remarkable ease.

MTCON recommends Inspekto

"Now we have further strengthened our quality inspection team: with artificial intelligence." the MTCON manager says, "automatically inspecting connectors and other electronic components supplied by MTCON. The advantage for us and our customers: consistently tested safety, highest reliability, fast delivery! "

“With Inspekto it is very easy to get closer to the goal of 100% quality”

It is a system made and supervised by the shopfloor, for the shopfloor"
"...If you want to avoid mistakes or find them early in a production process, then INSPEKTO is recommended

How an Autonomous Machine Vision system increased accuracy and cut waste

The BSH Home Appliance Group is one of the leading home appliance companies worldwide and the largest in Europe.

Quality Assurance – Our Biggest Challenge is Solved

See how Diehl Controls' challenge in detecting small defects on printed circuit boards in the production lines was solved.

“At BSH, we use the INSPEKTO S70 for variant validation, defect detection and assembly check. The installation was very simple and straightforward, and we saw benefits in terms of reduced waste costs and independence from machine vision integrators. We found the team at Inspekto friendly, helpful and agile.”

“Inspekto is a great example of a disruptive startup partner stemming from the Israeli innovation ecosystem. Inspekto allows us to actually add vision and quality control to places that it was never deasible before in the past because of the complexity of doing that.”

“It was very important that the S70 was not only easy to install, but easy to use once up and running. To test this, we tasked different members of the production team with setting up the system. Each found the process fool proof.”

“Manual inspection carries a very high error rate and we can’t allow that to happen when producing critical emergency supplies, such as face masks. Quality is at the core of all our operations, which is why we needed a flexible machine vision solution that would be quick to set up and easy to operate. We found the ideal partner in Inspekto.”

“We’re looking forward to introducing the Autonomous Machine Vision system to our clients who deal specifically with quality assurance inspections. We feel strongly that Inspekto’s systems will save our customers time and money and help ensure top notch inspections - a key element to a successful production line.”

“The INSPEKTO S70, with the new software version 5.0 is an extremely powerful inspection solution, delivering high use-case versatility and end-user ease-of-use.”

“With Inspekto it is very easy to get closer to the goal of 100% quality in the #factory2be.”

“Sensodrive stands for innovation and quality. We live these values in all areas of our company and have therefore consciously chosen the INSPEKTO S70 for outgoing goods inspection. The result: Use of innovative AI – shorter inspection times – increased quality”

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