Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


What is Autonomous Machine Vision?

Autonomous Machine Vision with Artificial Intelligence (AMV-AI™) is a subset of machine vision technology that aims to make the notoriously hard to implement and maintain machine vision systems accessible for manufacturing teams that are not experts in machine vision or SW engineering thus removing the need to rely on 3rd party experts. With AMV-AI™ Inspekto aims to allow the manufacturers to gain back control of their QA technology without compromising on the quality of tests and the results it will produce.


What is INSPEKTO S70?

INSPEKTO S70 is a full suite industrial inspection product with integrated smart AI visual detection technology – simply implemented and installed in the production line. It’s an end-to-end solution, combining a unique electro-optics system with Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI™) technology creating autonomous visual inspection for industrial use in quality assurance.

Does INSPEKTO S70 inspect any part?

Delivered pre-trained, the system can be used to inspect countless use-cases and materials in a wide range of industries, such as electronics, metal processing, plastic molding, automotive and more.

There are some use cases, the system currently is not configured for such as transparent materials, ie. glass or parts that are not with clearly defined boundaries, ie. continuous processes like extrusion.

What technology operates the system ?

Inspekto’s AMV-AI™ merges three different AI-based modules that work in tandem and empower each other as you can see here— the first captures an image of the part to be inspected, the second recognizes the item, and the third inspects the part for defects. This process effectively mimics the human brain’s ability to acquire and process images. This is only possible because our AI modules control the whole process needed for image processing— acquisition, recognition, and inspection — and not just the last phase, as in traditional AI-based machine vision.

Having trained the AI modules with layers of data and learning abilities, the system can extract the needed information in real time to derive insights, report the results and even provide recommendations based on accumulated data analysis, extending beyond the regular scope of visual inspection. The system can therefore impact the quality of delivered goods by identifying defected parts and notifying to the managing systems of the manufacturing line (i.e. PLC). Equally important, the INSPEKTO S70 can reduce false alarms in rejected parts, helping to quickly resolve quality obscurities and increasing yield.

What is the main advantage of Autonomous Machine Vision?

Inspekto specializes in machine vision technology, specifically Autonomous Machine Vision, providing the manufacturing plant better control of its quality and visual inspection tools, thus eliminating the costly integration and customized developments that require 3rd parties, long-term commitment to a special project, adapted to only a limited use case.

How is INSPEKTO S70 supplied and how does it work exactly?

INSPEKTO S70 is an off-the-shelf product which is supplied with all needed parts, compactly packed. It includes both software and hardware suited exactly for the manufacturing environment, including anti-flickering to eliminate any disturbance to any personnel. Geared with pre-trained recognition and heightened defect detection capabilities, the product is easy to set-up, simple to install and delivers quick results with only ca. 20 parts needed to ignite the process. An advanced, pre-configured AI-driven machine vision visual inspection system, it is a smart solution needed in every production quality control. It enhances the inspection capabilities with higher reliability and accuracy, real-time reporting to PLCs via Profinet, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP and Digital IO, yet is cost efficient and versatile, so can be used for various parts and moved within the plant as production needs change. With Inspekto, you can enjoy end-to-end automation – the key to efficient production – automated and fully controlled, creating a more agile, streamlined, cost-effective production and can deliver better quality to your customers.

What are the key product features?

Versatile – for multiple use-cases
Applicable to a wide range of industries and production processes including a wide variety of materials, part sizes and part shapes.

Use cases include: In-line, end of the line inspection; 3D metal and plastic parts, rubber and PCB assembly verification, labeling, print inspection, surface finish – machining/drilling and more. Suitable for SMBs, as well as large corporations with multiple production facilities.

Easy and immediate deployment
Easy installation, designed for automatic self adjustment with the part in terms of light and optical zoom; simple to use by your own personnel, enabling short deployment process; durable design for endurance in manufacturing conditions; communicates with PLC for immediate results.

No coding or machine vision expertise needed
S70 is equipped with a unique AI technology – pre-configured and pre-trained – and can easily adapt to new use cases with a low amount of OK samples. The adoption curve of visual inspection can be shorter with your own personnel controlling the process vs. traditional machine vision solutions. This cost-effective solution can free you from the need for machine vision experts and recurring investment. Vision system adaptation to changes in the manufacturing line will usually require additional paid work from a 3rd party integrator, however can be done easily and quickly with the INSPEKTO S70. One universal inspection system which can lead to a reduced total cost of ownership vs. traditional systems.

Fully integrated to automatic manufacturing line (PLC’s, Robots, etc.)
Smart, compact AI-driven visual inspection system delivered with all parts incl. controller unit, monitor, etc. It can be easily mounted and integrated in your production line or stand alone, or can be mounted onto standard robots*. The product allows you to apply automated visual inspection capability to your critical key production steps – finding quality issues earlier – improving overall yield.

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*We demonstrate it in our videos on our youtube channel with a standard cobot; please check with us in case of a specific requirement.

What are the main advantages of INSPEKTO S70 vs. traditional machine vision systems?

The user-friendliness of the INSPEKTO S70 is a key benefit and is the result of the combination of three AI modules that create a system that is self-setting, self-learning and self-adjusting. This is not the natural evolution of existing technologies, but a new approach to machine vision that mimics human cognitive vision.

The system inspects objects to derive the needed insights and reports the results in real time. It can even provide recommendations to further improve its performance based on accumulated data analysis, extending beyond the regular scope of visual inspection – human or technical systems. It can thereby impact the quality of delivered goods and not less critical – reduce false alarms in rejected parts, helping to quickly resolve quality obscurities, thereby increasing the TCO.

Aiming to improve the production process with autonomous capabilities, INSPEKTO pioneers the democratization of smart autonomous AI capabilities – offering a cost effective solution with a relatively short ROI, overriding the requirement for code, external specialists in Machine Vision or a customized solution for each production line and inspected part. Combining the rich capabilities of autonomous machine vision and continuously learning AI pre-trained modules with the resilience suitable for quality inspection in an industrial environment, Inspekto provides efficient lean capacities that retain competitiveness with responsiveness to customer demand.

How does this work technically?

The user does not need to specify the parameters for image capturing, like distance between the camera and the sample item, lighting, focus value, shutter speed and exposure time. All of this will be automatically selected and dynamically adjusted by the smart vision AI engine.

The ability inherent in the system to automatically control the depth of field, and run several profiles focusing on multiple areas of an object with different depths means that the system can work on deep and complex objects, effectively allowing defect inspection for complex 3D objects with a 2D camera.

The camera features a 17X optical zoom, with an installation distance of 10 to 5000 cm and a minimum defect size of 0.3 mm at 10 cm distance. It captures 2D images, as well as 3D objects.

How can I be sure that the system can inspect our parts?

INSPEKTO S70 can inspect a wide variety of parts. We offer a free POC. The part can be inspected for validation and you can then integrate the system in your production line for the routine quality check.

Who is the INSPEKTO S70 visual inspection system suitable for?

The INSPEKTO S70 – Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) is a completely new approach bringing the principles of flexibility, agility and ease of use to the machine vision world. In an ever changing world of New Product Introduction (NPI) processes and dynamic product lifecycles, Inspekto provides the option of better controlling your QA and addressing changing consumer preferences. It also helps address challenges that arise in our changing reality as COVID inflicts new constraints on personnel work shift planning. Autonomous Automation can help maintain production processes running at all times and is equally suitable for larger brands and smaller businesses. Autonomous Machine Vision enables the business to positively embrace a machine vision system thereby controlling the process with its own personnel, at efficient cost levels and short implementation times.