An inspection solution for
every production concept

In-line, stand alone or quick-response mobile

Inspects a plenitude of use cases and scenarios

The Inspekto S70 can inspect products and parts in endless situations – as is!
No need of tailoring the system to the specific use case.

A variety of industries; a wealth of manufacturing process; different materials, inspected for different reasons and handled in a host of methods.

Automotive Machinery Electronics Consumer Goods And more…
Inspection Types
Assembly verification Surface verification Existence/absence of components Alignment of components Integrity of parts and more...
Production Processes
Plastic injection molding Metal casting Coating Mechanical assembly Material removal Incoming goods Packing & labeling
Deployment Scenarios
Integrated to the production line Stand alone station Mobile system Centrally controlled
Part Handling
Moving Stationary Robot / Cobot integrated Manual
Agile quality assurance Flexible production enabler Immediate QA response Automated production (industry 4.0) Incoming goods / parts inspection
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Any location, layout or deployment format

The INSPEKTO S70’s versatility, immediacy and deployment simplicity provide the ultimate flexibility to meet your present and future production models and QA needs.
The Inspekto solution provides multiple types of solutions and can be fitted in a variety of settings.

Integrated to the
production line

Installed on the production line, either End-of-The-Line or middle of the line, fully integrative to the PLC/Controller or MES/ERP systems

inspection station

A stand-alone inspection station to support multiple lines or manual handling, inspecting wide range of different products – from inspection of incoming goods, to final quality inspection of finished products

Mobile quick response

Immediately addressing urgent, or foreseen quality monitoring/quality assurance needs, the Inspekto system can be mobilized quickly from one spot to another with minor overhead and setup efforts