Inspekto launches Automated Inspection Service (AIS)

January 03, 2023

Autonomous machine vision pioneer offers a novel commercial option to dramatically increase accessibility to high performance automated visual inspection

Inspekto, a leading provider of automated visual inspection solutions based on its groundbreaking Autonomous Machine Vision AI technology, has announced the launch of its Automated Inspection Service (AIS). With increasing requests from manufacturers around the globe who are dealing with the dynamic production needs dictated by the current economic volatility, continuing its mission to provide a highly accessible and agile automated visual inspection, Inspekto has now expanded its offering to include an Automated Inspection Service.

The AIS offering enables small and large manufacturers, in all discrete manufacturing industries, to gain access to Inspekto’s high performance automated visual inspection system, the INSPEKTO S70 without increasing their capital investments. The INSPEKTO S70, has already provided many manufacturers, such as BSH, BMW and Siemens as well as smaller ones, with unprecedented visual inspection agility. Manufacturers signing for the AIS will be able to deploy the INSPEKTO S70 in their production lines and pay for the deployment time only.

The INSPEKTO S70 was developed to accommodate today’s workflows, retaining full production flexibility, and with the tools that allow safe and optional remote support per the client’s need. This maximizes even more the immediacy and increases the agility that it offers and allows the user to reach highest production efficiency.

“Inspekto is committed to making automated visual inspection solutions accessible and easy to implement for manufacturers of any scale or production agility. That’s why we are proud to offer this new concept of automated inspection as a service” said Bernd Schumacher, CEO of Inspekto.

“In a sense, this is a natural evolution for Inspekto. First, we developed a technology that transformed complex and lengthy machine vision projects into an immediate to deploy, extremely easy to use, multi-purpose inspection product, the INSPEKTO S70. Now, we are complementing it with a novel commercial offer. We are offering our customers the ability to choose, per their need and their investment preferences, to either purchase the INSPEKTO S70 as a manufacturing asset, or deploy it through our AIS offering, as a service, on a flexible time base.” Schumacher continues.

About the INSPEKTO S70

The INSPEKTO S70 is a fully equipped out-of-the-box industrial visual inspection product with unprecedented simplicity & immediacy, that can be operationally deployed in less than a day.

It combines a unique electro-optics system with the breakthrough Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI™) technology, to deliver a visual quality inspection solution that is versatile, extremely easy to deploy, adapts to changes in the production line and requires no machine vision expertise. It is an automated visual inspection system that requires an unprecedented low amount of production data to achieve operational performance.


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