“With Inspekto it is very easy to get closer to the goal of 100% quality”

October 24, 2022

 Q&A with Lukas Hoffmann, Test Engineer at Siemens 

1.What was the most challenging use case that the system was used for ? 
At our plant in Karlsruhe #factory2be we have different use cases. The first use case which we used INSPEKTO to evaluate
was our SIM-tray housing process.
We implemented INSPEKTO to reduce rework and increase customer satisfaction.
In this use case, we verify that all components such as the dustcovers and a SIM-Tray are assembled
before packaging, as these parts can sometimes be forgotten.
The SIM-Tray is especially hard to detect, because it is behind a dust cover and requires you to
look through small openings to detect it.

2.How did INSPEKTO S70 help solve it?
With INSPEKTO it was very easy to set-up the inspection task in order to detect all components which needed to be
checked, even the SIM-Tray detection.
With the possibilities offered by INSPEKTO, it was even possible to check for label damage.

3.What did you find most innovative and impactful in terms of capabilities?
The easy implementation of the first models was most impressive.
Starting with the setup – everything you need is included.
Once installed, you can start inspecting immediately.
With the user guide implemented into the GUI directly, it is very easy to create the inspection tasks.
Training and re-teaching models is very simple since the system is already pre-trained; you don’t need to be a data
It is a system made and supervised by the shopfloor, for the shopfloor.

4.How was the set-up experience? Did it go smoothly ?
After opening the box, you immediately find the user guide which includes all information you
need to set-up the system including set-up pictures, descriptions and more.
In our case, the set-up went smoothly and with the user guide, no expertise was needed.

5.For anyone considering our system – would you recommend it?
INSPEKTO is a versatile AI-based system which can be applied to different use cases.
It is easy to use and setting-up the inspection tasks is very fast. It depends on complexity, but within one hour
you can complete the full workflow from unboxing to inspection.
If you want to avoid mistakes or find them early in a production process, then INSPEKTO is
recommended to support the employees.


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