Inspekto offers virtual demos of the company’s flagship product

February 26, 2021

Multi-angle view equipment provides for a life-like experience and risk-free implementation

To deliver live demonstration when travel and visits are restricted, Inspekto is offering private and personalised online presentations of its flagship product, the INSPEKTO S70, thanks to its new virtual demonstration capabilities. The company invested in state-of-the-art presentation technology to showcase the features of the INSPEKTO S70 from a variety of perspectives. Manufacturers can send their own parts for demos, with a guarantee of confidentiality. The Inspekto team will be able to simulate their production conditions while respecting social distance requirements.

Interested manufacturers can send their product samples directly to Inspekto’s demo centre in Heilbronn, Germany. Information about the samples and the manufacturer’s quality assurance processes will be treated confidentially. The Inspekto team will create a dedicated and customised proof of concept, showing prospective clients how the INSPEKTO S70 can solve their quality inspection challenges.

The company’s demo room uses the latest presentation technology to allow for a truly engaging experience. A combination of cameras, augmented reality (AR) goggles and software tools allows participants to feel as if they were physically present in the room. Through a screen split-up, viewers will be able to see parts being inspected from a wide-angle camera, as well as see the screen of the inspection interface and a close-up of the presenter’s field of view.

Since demos are broadcasted live, viewers can interact with the presenter, ask questions, learn how to quickly and easily set up the INSPEKTO S70, and see it in action while inspecting their own product samples.

Virtual demos are private and customised to the requirements of the single manufacturer, but offer companies the possibility to have several team members learn about Autonomous Machine Vision, regardless of where they are based.

The demo room is located in the new headquarters of Inspekto GmbH, in the state-of-the-art WTZ conference centre in Heilbronn, Germany, where the company manages all customer relations, sales and services.

Powered by the Adaptive Vision Artificial Intelligence (AV-AI) technology, the INSPEKTO S70 is the only Autonomous Machine Vision solution on the market. It allows for a truly plug and inspect experience, with easy fit into dynamic and versatile production environments for a wide range of use cases, while maintaining superb visual inspection quality. It is the only self-contained vision inspection product on the market and represents the most immediate and versatile solution for industrial quality inspection currently available. It can be set up and deployed by the final user in about 45 minutes and can be trained to inspect new products using an average of only 20-30 OK sample items, and no NOK ones.

To take part in an online demonstration or submit product samples, get in touch with Inspekto today.

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