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April 08, 2019

Inspekto wins Gold Vision Systems Design Award in Chicago

Thanks to its originality, innovation and impact on bottom line productivity, the world’s first Autonomous Machine Vision system, the INSPEKTO S70, has been honoured with a Gold Award in the Vision Systems category of the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards. Presented on April 8 at Automate in Chicago, Illinois, the prestigious award recognizes the worldwide impact Inspekto is bringing to industrial manufacturers.

Launched at VISION in November 2018, the INSPEKTO S70 is the world’s first product in the Autonomous Machine Vision category. Capable of inspecting any product, on any line, using any handling method, the system is a major tool for profitability per line for industrial plants, regardless of industry or geography. Using Inspekto Plug and Inspect TM technology, the system can be installed in 30 to 60 minutes and carries a price tag of only €10,000.

The company will be building on its award-winning success by launching a suite of new applications for the Inspekto Platform on May 7, 2019, at Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance (QA) in Stuttgart.

Users can install the applications on any S70 to perform valuable tasks. The applications include Inspekto QUALIFY™ for integrator-less visual QA, Inspekto TRACKS™ for archiving, traceability and claim-rejection, Inspekto TYPES™ to address any number of product models on one location. At Control, Inspekto will also launch its central management platform, which comprises a rich suite of valuable services and add-ons, all designed to bring an immediate, powerful boost to a lines’ yield, productivity and profitability.

The INSPEKTO S70 is the first system to enable plants to apply Total QA — visual QA at every location on the production line. This means that manufacturers can identify defects as soon as they occur at all points on the line to reduce scrap, improve yield and add to profitability.

“Installing the INSPEKTO S70 means that valuable staff can be moved from
monotonous QA tasks to more productive roles and traditional tedious solutions replaced by simple to use and very affordable systems,” explained Harel Boren, CEO and co-founder of Inspekto. “Over time, a €10,000 investment in an off-the-shelf product will save a plant hundreds of thousands and drastically improve productivity.

“In fact, one of our customers, a world leading automotive plant, recently reported direct savings of €468,336 per year from just one location using an INSPEKTO S70 system. When you think about installing multiple systems to achieve Total QA, the impact on customer profits is extraordinary.”

“Making Autonomous Machine Vision possible was a colossal achievement that took our world-class scientists and engineers on a voyage through completely uncharted territories,” explained Yonatan Hyatt, CTO and co-founder of Inspekto. “The resulting vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies make Inspekto the first machine vision system provider to speak directly to the manufacturer, instead of to the systems integrator.”

“Enabling industrial staff to setup and run the hyper-complex system that sits behind the S70’s friendly UI, in minutes using only a mouse, without any knowledge of vision or AI technologies, and no expert assistance whatsoever, has been, a “technology-Everest”. This revolution in-the-making has been a very satisfying experience for us all.”

The INSPEKTO S70 system has already been deployed in the plants of leading manufacturers in various industries and, less than six months after launching, Inspekto has a commercial footprint of over 2,572 industrial plants worldwide.


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