September 28, 2023

Collaborating with KUKA for a full factory automation solution 

Excited about our new landmark – the collaboration with KUKA – a leader in industrial robots and systems for factory automation. Our presence in this global eco-system helps position us closer to our customers and prospects, boosting our introduction into in new territories. With the continuous growing demand by manufacturers for automated processes, the INSPEKTO S70 easily integrates with KUKA’s robots to create the fully automated visual inspection solution needed in a wide variety of sectors. Click here to see it in action. Our ai-based visual inspection system has been KUKA-certified to be easily deployed, as is shown below, on the LBR iisy series .

The growing need in many factories for productivity, while still maintaining maximum flexibility and responsiveness to their customer base, spurs more automated processes. Two main needs arise when adopting more automation :  streamlining the process, so that all components interact smoothly with each other for the desired result + the need for tighter control. This becomes a notch harder when managing many production lines which stretch the team’s efforts to the max. or even exceed their capabilities which in turn can impact the bottom line and take its toll on the quality of goods and create excess scrap.

INSPEKTO S70 answers these needs as it’s pre-set to automatically communicate with PLCs, Robots, Cobots and other factory automation devices, supporting the main connectivity methods and by offering an easy to operate, ready to inspect, affordable solution for a variety of materials and sized parts.

It overcomes the limitations of manual checks especially in smaller parts or those with multiple components. PCB inspections, for example, are challenging tasks and they are time consuming, therefore expensive. The expectation of high performance and reliability make it a necessity to cover these checks optimally which INSPEKTO S70 delivers:

  • A wide variety of inspection tasks are covered – from subtle to aesthetic defects .
  • Most materials and sizes – small and large – can be inspected.
  • An unlimited number of inspections can be performed. Profiles are set-up easily.
  • Immediate verification of the inspection – even often in less than a day.

The benefits are clear :

  • Agile Manufacturing: Respond swiftly to market demands.
  • Flexibility: Adapt and modify your production lines with ease.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamline tasks and improve efficiency with integrated solutions.

INSPEKTO S70 is an asset in controlling quality in a variety of materials and applications and can easily be integrated with robotic arms and cobots to work stand alone or along side the factory’s team. Either in a fully automated cell or if positioned in-line, our ai-based system can detect even unforeseen defects, based on good parts and alert when encountering anomalies. Discover us on the KUKA marketplace .

For more information about this and for a free demo of the INSPEKTO S70 for your industrial parts, get in touch today.

Explore the future of manufacturing with Inspekto and embrace the endless opportunities provided by modern technology to elevate your production capabilities!

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