January 22, 2024

Value Engineering and how Inspekto delivers an essential part of it

So what do these famous products have in common ? Toyota Prius –the world’s 1st hybrid vehicle, Nintendo Wii and Tesla . All are successful trailblazers in their segments, they maintained market leadership and no secret – value engineering was used in the process to enhance their efficiency, reduce costs, or improve overall performance.
One of the first commercially successful hybrid cars, Toyota Prius underwent value engineering to optimize its fuel efficiency and production costs. Enhancing aerodynamics was a major part of it and impacted the planning of parts comprising the vehicle.

Back then, the benefits of ‘ai’ weren’t at their disposal, yet today this can be put to great use in value engineering processes.

The value engineering process will often impact the design of the product and its parts. And as it will most likely involve cost reductions and might impact raw material choices, production methods – it’s especially important not to overlook the final phase of quality assurance before delivery to the customer. How can all this be accomplished without any compromise on the quality ?

Toyota’s commitment to quality is well-known. On top of measures which have been adopted by other manufacturers, as well, such as Poka-Yoke error proofing, Kaizen and Andon System all aimed to optimize production, the new era brings with it as part of the improvement process, the pioneering, ai-based, smart visual inspection system with the continuous learning capability which adds value all the while maintaining affordable costs. This is the final part in the value chain that completes the industrial automation process with the final gatekeeper of quality.

How can Inspekto contribute to the process ?

INSPEKTO S70 delivers easy and automatic visual inspections and caters to the main objective of value engineering to maximize the overall value while minimizing costs. Not only does the system integrate with the existing production line equipment and PLC, it is compatible with most robots and cobots with industrial connectivity : digital IO, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP. The inspections can cover a wide range of materials, part types and sizes and can handle a variety of inspection profiles – no programing needed. The system is inspection ready and can be easily installed in different locations in the factory or moved around as needed per the dynamic product lifecycle.
Inline with the primary goal of value engineering to maximize the overall value of a product by improving its functionality, performance, and quality while keeping costs at bay, INSPEKTO S70 is the ai ‘sentinel’ before delivery to your customer.


Looking for opportunities to enhance value without compromising on essential functions or customer requirements ? Inspekto’s universal system covers many applications and can be used in several positions in the factory.
Deliberating how to implement value engineering and still deliver high quality ? Ensure maximal quality and minimal waste. Contact us for more details.

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