November 15, 2023

Now, even simpler

INSPEKTO S70 is about easing the visual inspection task both in production and in setting up the inspection, without compromising on the needed inspection result. It just got simpler and easier. The latest milestone in the evolution of the INSPEKTO S70 is exemplified with the release of version 5.2.0. This software update brings a suite of innovative features designed to elevate the efficiency and flexibility of visual inspections. At the forefront is the introduction of Auto Markup, a cutting-edge AI-based tool that revolutionizes profile setup, making it smarter, faster, and more user-friendly. With Auto Markup, INSPEKTO S70 now offers automated part and ROI marking, significantly reducing setup times. In addition, the ability to Import Profile Markup allows users to effortlessly customize inspections by importing existing profile markings, saving valuable time and effort. 

INSPEKTO S70 continues to set the standard for intelligent visual inspection, empowering users with unprecedented ease and efficiency in ensuring quality control on the production line. Discover the future of visual inspections with INSPEKTO S70 version 5.2.0.

Auto Markup

In version 5.2.0 INSPEKTO introduces Auto Markup, an AI based tool for smarter, faster and easier profile setup.
Auto Markup allows quicker profile setup times.this AI tool allows automated part and ROI marking, ensuring that even the most complicated parts can be marked quickly and seamlessly. See this video for more information.
INSPEKTO S70 is about easing the visual inspection task both in production and in setting the inspection, without compromising on the needed inspection result. With the automatic markup tool, simple and easy just got simpler and easier. Click to see it in this videoclip.

Import Profile Markup

We offer more customization with this recent ability to import an existing profile markup. When setting up a new profile, where the marking is similar to a previous profile, but needs some modifications, we can now apply the previous profile markup to the new profile and edit it as we wish, thus saving time and effort on creating new markings and ROIs, without the need to newly define all of the ROIs. This is ideal especially in cases of multiple components on small parts such as in PCBA production lines where high-mix parts are prevalent. Click to see it in this videoclip.


Improved Inspection Performance

  • Improved defect inspection capabilities
  • Maintaining very low false alarms rate
  • Improved sensitivity to add OK and NOK Samples


Localization – (limited currently to Dach publications )

For our large German speaking DACH customer base, all instructions and tool tips are now available in German for your convenience. This includes the tips which are built-in for easier operation of the inspections.

INSPEKTO S70 is an asset in controlling quality in a variety of materials and applications and can easily be integrated with robotic arms and cobots to work stand alone or along side the factory’s team. Either in a fully automated cell or if positioned in-line, our ai-based system can detect even unforeseen defects, based on good parts and alert when encountering anomalies.

For more information about this and for a free demo of the INSPEKTO S70 for your industrial parts, get in touch today.


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