Inspekto brings AMV Inspection to Start-Up Autobahn

February 24, 2020

The founder of the Autonomous Machine Vision category brings the house down at start up event

Zohar Kantor, Inspekto’s VP of Sales and Projects, delivered a passionate speech in front of an audience of hundreds of industry experts at the Customer Centricity and Operational Excellence Start Up Autobahn in Stuttgart as 2019 drew to a close. Kantor argued that Autonomous Machine Vision is the only way for the automotive industry to meet the quality standards required by autonomous cars and automotive vendors alike.

Start-Up Autobahn is a German innovation platform that connects start-ups at all development stages with corporate partners, to deliver production-ready applications.

“Autonomous cars are built with the end-user in mind,” explained Kantor “Passengers don’t need to be experts in GPS, sensor technology or AI to travel in one, they just need to know their destination. Inspection products in the Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) category a completely new category in quality assurance (QA), delivers the same experience to manufacturers, putting the ownership and control of visual inspection into their own hands.”

INSPEKTO S70 is the first out-of-the-box product for visual QA. It is self-learning, self-adaptive and self-adjusting — in other words, it delivers the same experience as an autonomous car, but for inspection on the shop floor.

Before AMV inspection products, QA checks were carried out using complex hard-engineered solutions made up of multiple hardware and software elements that were selected, developed and combined together by experts and vision integrators, who would tailor the solution to the individual QA challenge. This project would normally last several months and cost the plant anywhere between $30,000 and $150,000. Plants had no other choice but to follow this path, as no Autonomous Machine Vision product was ever available to the employees on the shop floor.

INSPEKTO S70 changes this state of affairs forever.

The INSPEKTO S70, in contrast, is a product, not a project. Just as we all expect from a product, it comes with everything the shop floor employee needs to perform effective, highly accurate visual QA within 30 to 45 minutes of installation, delivering reduced TCoD (Total Cost of Defect).

“One year after the launch of the INSPEKTO S70, the product has already revolutionised QA procedures all over the world,” continued Kantor. “Some of our biggest customers, such as MAHLE, Bosch and Daimler, have been deploying INSPEKTO S70 since the product’s launch in November 2019. We are selling a system every two days as it reaches the mainstream and becomes the new standard. Our customers tell us that AMV is the only way the automotive industry can keep up with the increased need for quality inspection presented by autonomous, electric and hydrogen powered vehicles.”

“Using AMV Inspection, quality assurance, traditionally considered a “necessary evil” in all sectors of manufacturing, becomes quick, simple and fun. Most importantly, it becomes something that QA managers can do on their own – our mission and passion is to make QA Managers love their jobs,” enthused Kantor.

To book a complimentary demonstration of the Inspekto S70 contact us here.

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