Seeing is believing with autonomous machine vision

February 26, 2020

For years industry experts said that Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) would never be possible. To prove the contrary, category founder, Inspekto, is offering QA managers a free demonstration of its revolutionary visual inspection product on the end user’s own production line.

The INSPEKTO S70, can be installed in 30 to 45 minutes at any point on any line, to inspect any product. What’s more, it can be set up by a plant’s own personnel, removing the need for any vision systems integrator or machine vision expertise.

The world’s first plug and play system for visual quality inspection, the INSPEKTO S70 uses several artificial intelligence engines working in tandem to reduce Total Cost of Defect (TCoD). The system is standalone, self-setting, self-adjusting and self-learning.

The S70 can even adapt its own settings in response to environmental changes – including lighting, handling methods and line vibrations — something that was never possible before. Set up requires only 20-30 good samples ― and no defective ones. In addition, the device can inspect multiple products or and multiple models of the same product at a single inspection location, something not possible with any other product.

The combination of affordability and integration-less deployment means machine vision inspection can now be brought into applications where it was not feasible before, due to high costs, long wait times or too many iterations required.

The Inspekto S70 is already bringing huge profitability and productivity gains to manufacturers in all industry sectors, including Bosch, BSH, Daimler, Mahle, Schneider Electric and BMW.

“Inspekto has proved that AMV is possible, forever changing the machine vision ecosystem,” explained Harel Boren, CEO of Inspekto. “However, decades of long wait times and expensive, ineffective integrated solutions means some people in the industry still believe AMV is too good to be true.

“During our demonstrations, we prove that the S70 really can address any visual QA challenge,” added Boren. “In fact, the benefits of the INSPEKTO S70 are so compelling that no company has failed to place an order after having a live demonstration on its production lines.”

To book a demonstration and put the destiny of your plant’s TCoD into your own hands, contact us here!

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