Inspekto announces planned leadership transition

June 01, 2021

Inspekto announces a leadership transition with Harel Boren, co-Founder, CEO and Executive Chairman of Inspekto since its inception in 2016, being succeeded by Bernd Schumacher

Since inception, Inspekto has revolutionized the world of industrial quality inspection, launching the Autonomous Machine Vision category with the INSPEKTO S70 debut at the VISION 2018 show in Stuttgart, in November 2018.

Materializing the company’s vision, the INSPEKTO S70 was designed to be the first product in the world, that can be put to work on an actual industrial production line, by a factory’s own personnel, and deliver world-class quality inspection results within hours of unboxing. To accomplish these previously unheard-of results, the INSPEKTO S70 was developed to run three AI engines in tandem, that could be quickly fit to the mechanical and lighting environment of varying industrial production lines.


The company has acquired investments from top international investors, established its European and US presence, and has its products installed already in many tens of industrial plants, including such world-leading brands as BSH, Bosch, Daimler, BMW, Mahle and Schneider-Electric, to name a few.


INSPEKTO’s launch and products received numerous prestigious prizes and market acknowledgments, including the Prism Awards Winner in the Manufacturing Category 2020, InVision Top Innovation 2020, Red Herring Top 100 Europe, in AI/Machine Learning, the 2019 Vision Systems Design Winner award, the CIPR PRide Awards 2019 – Gold for Corporate and Business Communications Campaign – Creating a new category, the PRCA DARE Awards 2019: Launch of the year, among others.

Four years after its launch, Inspekto welcomes Bernd Schumacher as new CEO. Renowned as an international business leader in the global, high-tech industry, Bernd brings with him over 25 years’ of experience leading growing innovative B2B businesses for Siemens, Nokia,  Elster Metering and E.ON..

Yonatan Hyatt, CTO and Co-founder of Inspekto: “On behalf of Inspekto, I would like to thank Harel for his very significant contribution to the company. Under his strong strategic and operational leadership Inspekto developed and implemented its overriding market perceptions, product development, and very successful market launch. His business acumen, decades of high-tech experience, and vision has enabled the company to successfully launch its products into otherwise difficult markets, and will continue to produce results in the years to come. Inspekto wishes Harel further success in his newly launched endeavour too.

I would like to welcome Bernd to his new role at Inspekto. We are confident that, given his widespread experience managing large technological organizations, he will continue the success story of Inspekto and take it to the next level of its corporate development.”

Harel Boren: “My work with Inspekto’s management, employees and investors alike has been an unforgettable journey. I believe that the enormous energy gained makes this an appropriate time for Inspekto to benefit from the perspectives of an established leadership, which enjoys my continuous support. Inspekto is a great company with outstanding prospects, as the only player with an Autonomous Machine Vision system in the huge industry of quality inspection products and solutions. As such, I view the company’s promising pipeline and talented personnel to deliver significant value in the years ahead. I wish Bernd every success in his role and am sure Inspekto will shine at the leading echelon of inspection products and solutions worldwide.”

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