February 09, 2021

Implement Total QA with a variety of useful applications

Autonomous Machine Vision systems are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry all over Europe. Safe, inexpensive, quick and easy to install, they save manufacturers the time and troubles that traditional solutions carry. But did you know that they also come with a variety of useful applications, each of which can add value to your production line? Here Harel Boren, CEO, and Yonatan Hyatt, CTO, co-founders of Inspekto, the world’s first Autonomous Machine Vision systems vendor, explain more about what they do.

Machine vision solutions of the past helped speed up manual visual QA but came with a variety of problems including high costs, downtime when installed, long wait times and total reliance upon vision systems integrators. Luckily, this is now a thing of the past thanks to Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV). Using AMV systems, which are immediate to install and highly affordable, manufacturers can now make their production lines far more profitable and efficient.

Because the manufacturer can now quickly install an Autonomous Machine Vision system at every point it’s needed, it eliminates the need for manual visual QA and frees employees to focus on far more productive tasks. While factories used to have several employees just for visual QA and install machine vision systems only at select locations, for €10,000 they can now install an Inspekto S70 at any location in their facility in minutes. The S70, which can be set up using only good samples, can save a company hundreds of thousands of euros over the course of a single year.

Adding value to value

Besides the obvious impacts on productivity and profitability, INSPEKTO S70 systems can benefit manufacturing establishments in a variety of ways. Each S70 can make use of a range of powerful apps that can be installed to fulfil the specific QA needs of a line. Flexibility is the key word here, because customers can install the apps they need for their specific production line.

One of these apps archives and traces all product images and data gathered during inspection. In this way, manufacturers hold a live archive that they can use to counteract claims that a defective product has left their premises, when in fact the damage happened during shipment or in further stages of production. If a faulty product did leave their plant, they can retrace the production history of that particular item to understand exactly where it was made defective. Over time, this allows manufacturers to improve critical areas of the production line where damage happens more often.

Another useful app enables each S70 to be applied to any number of inspected products on the line. While traditional machine vision solutions allowed you to monitor only one product at any given location on the production line, the app enables the S70 system to inspect any number of products — even tens or hundreds of different products — at that same location on the line. Emerging from the traditional constraints of one-product-per-solution, Inspekto allows manufacturers to inspect a variety of items by one single system, something that was unthinkable until recently.

Other apps enable products to be counted before they are boxed to leave the plant or sorted and gated towards the next designated stages of production lines. These applications can be combined in a variety of ways to give every plant the flexibility it needs to take Autonomous Machine Vision to the next level, adding the advantage of an adaptable, open system to those of state-of-the-art Total QA.

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Yonatan Hyatt

CTO and co-founder